Monday, July 16, 2012

A Good Scrubbing

Three were shot and one killed this morning in a drug-related home invasion on Lothian Rd in the NW, and Fenton published a photo of blood spatters. Said a resident, "This ain't no robbery. This was something else. This was personal."

Tuan Minh Pham, from JZ
An armed, dangerous suspect, Tuan Minh Pham, 35, is on the loose after ignoring a protective order, storming into the Richards Valley Road Nail & Hair Care Spa in Ellicott City and (allegedly) shooting his babymother of his two kids and her male friend. So if you see this wild-haired, wild-eyed 35-ish man of Vietnamese descent in a 1998 tan or gold four-door Honda Accord with the license plate number 2AK0291, call 911. Update: Derek Valcourt says his car has been found, but Pham still has not.

An Ottobar employee was beaten and robbed behind the venue at 10:45 p.m. two Fridays ago, as a burlesque show went on inside.

Hellz 2 the ys, "Baltimore’s finances need a good scrubbing."
Also from the Brew (but on the Brew blog, where there are exclamation points in subheads), Fern Shen takes a trip to Baltimore Data Day, wherein Baltimore Slumlord Watch elicited a rare gasp from NPR's Sheilah Kast describing how a box cutter figures in to her blogging routine.

Twenty years for 39-year-old heroin dealer Michael Felton, a member of the Gettis drug organization. Twenty-seven defendants have already pleaded guilty in the case, including "Cutty Rock" “Captain” and “Beloved.”

'booty therapist' Kim Smedley,
from NewsOne
Georgian buttocks-injector Kimberly Smedley, left, got three years in the federal slammer for injecting a Block stripper's dumb ass with a black-market brew of industrial-grade chemicals in a room at the Renaissance Hotel. The victim wound up at the hospital with silicone inside of her lungs. If hotel records are any indication, Smedley may have hundreds of victims and earned $1 mil or more from her traveling medicine show.

A week of hearings for the Bradley Manning case, though trial isn't scheduled to start til September.

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