Monday, August 27, 2012

Barksdale dissed! Batts in!

Californian Anthony Batts, left, is expected to be named as new police chief,* report Sharper & Fenton -- the former Commissioner of Oakland, no less. Batts resigned his post there last October after only two years on the job (he beefed a month later, "the body politic looks at this police department as not a part of the city—that it’s the bad child that you’re putting on the side and beating.") By the time he left, he was the boss of only 651 officers. Prior to that he served in Long Beach for 27 years (the place where drama made it so hard to be Snoop Dogg and Sublime lived easily). After Oakland Batts will surely find Baltimore's boundless civic apathy a great relief (and we certainly know all about child-beating), but is he well-qualified to represent a staff of 4,250ish?

.. and police have ID'd the owner of the Rottweiler that mauled a woman near the Waverly farmer's market as Omar McDee of McKewin St., who, curiously, has no Internet footprint whatsoever. (But there's an Omar McGee with a long resume...)

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