Friday, September 21, 2012

So Random

Victim of a hit-and-run in West Baltimore, Veronica Grey, has died. Should she be listed on the toll? Homicide, yes, intentional, probably not, but could she been saved if the driver stopped to render aid?

A man was shot in the shoulder by random people* who knocked on the door of his house on Random Road, a 19-year-old was shot on Harford Road, the man shot on Coventry Road was ID'd as Miguel Crosby.

Baltimorean Daquan Davis was charged with killing his girlfriend's six-month-old son in Atlantic City; Davis is due back in Maryland October 1 to face theft charges in Upper Marlboro.

Officer-turned-bail-bondsman Keith Nowlin is facing federal charges from an incident in 2010 in which he used his police computer to run someone's tag number for a friend*-- probably usually not a biggie, but friend was a drug dealer being followed by the feds, and the someone turned out to be an undercover officer. Whups!

Forty years for Bruce Byrd, the triggerman in a conspiracy to murder witness Isaiah Callaway, who snitched on a stolen-money order scheme. (Probably more has happened with the U.S. Attorneys lately, but as has been happening for weeks now their site attempts to load endlessly but won't. Can't help but wonder if some con artist or other disgruntled convict is attacking their server).

Thirty-five years for Steven Langville, who broke into a guy's house while he was sleeping, wrapped his hands around his neck, demanded money and his car keys and rode off in the victim's car.

Police say the Peppers were killed by blunt force trauma from a knife and a dumbbell; Oklahoma Fox affiliate has a photo of their highly suspect grandson Matthew Long, left, who's now out of a coma and in an OK jail.

A lot of missing laptops and a waitress assaulted with a wine glass by a patron over a "dispute about seating" at some restaurant in the 800 block of S Broadway (Max's? Bertha's?) in the Balt Guide's SE blotter.

The Sun recounts a notorious 1956 county murder of a housewife who was snacking on cupcakes and ice cream when a drifter broke into her house and killed her. The moral: snack on what you damn well like, because you just never know.

Good gracious, that Dan McIntosh/Keeghan Leahy trial is still going on down in Greenbelt

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