Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Indigenous People's Day, Piscataway

Conoy, HaudenosauneePascatowies, Paschatoway, Pazaticans, Pascoticons, Paskattaway, Pascatacon, Piscattaway, and Puscattawy and Susquehannock.

Nick Gilbert Gartelman Sr., 50, was killed from blows suffered during an assault in the 600 block of Richie Highway (Anne Arundel county)

NOM-backed anti-gay civil rights ads are set to debut today. I will bet anyone $1 that the NOM name won't appear on them anywhere and they will involve some churchy older black lady clucking about how those awful gays want to "redefine marriage for the rest of us." Update: here it is, the ad to appear on our "state television." Just a lot of stock footage and a voiceover. Not as offensive as you'd expect and not very clear or effective, either. PS. NOM founder Maggie Gallagher is set to debate at Morgan State U's student center tomorrow night at 7. Wonder if Julius Henson will be there...

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