Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The ghettobirds thrum songs of love

The sedan driver shot to death on Reedbird Ave in Cherry Hill was ID'd as Queren L. Thomas,* right, 18-year-old Kentrell Brown has been charged.

A student was stabbed in Hertiage High, no Lady Gaga Twitter campaign planned, no promises of security upgrades from school officials.

Two people have been arrested for kidnapping related to incidents of two separate incidents of women being abducted near Edmonson Ave. and Ingleside in Catonsville. And this morning a woman was forced into a vehicle at Greenspring and Dru Hill Aves, and it sounds like a fourth incident happened yesterday as a woman was waiting for a bus-- she was raped and dropped off somewhere, the story is unclear as to where (and were the two people arrested before or after the one or two incidents yesterday?). In any case case, dear BPD, women getting picked off the streets and stuffed into cars at gunpoint is something I'd rather like to hear about sooner than a full week after it happens, thanks. And why is WBAL the only one on this story? You'd think the local news would be all over that.

A mysteriously dead body was found on a porch in SW

A 55-year-old alleged burglar in Roland Park Fell off a porch and died

A firefighter in Landsdowne was charged with sexually abusing two teen boys

A Californian meth supplier got 15 years for shipping his product to his friend Mark Anthony Anglo in Waldorf

Guilty pleas in PA from three suspects charged with buying the Kate Moss from Baltimore's Damion Floyd, including a mom of three and her brother

A man was sprayed with pepper spray in the 5400 block of York Road (where a woman was carjacked not too long ago)

Four people, including a mother an her adult son, were charged with breaking into a vacant home

Mug shots of Eric Ford Sr (who shot his son and his mother) and other rogues in the Patch's rouge's gallery

Pikesville's Knish Shop was burgled

Murder magnet TeeBee's Lounge kept their liquor license and was fined $2,000 at their Liquor Board hearing yesterday

The family that robs together, sobs together-- Fenton Tweets "2nd suspect in Fort Ave McDonald's robbery - where employees forced in freezer - charged: Sharief Bostic,22. Prev charged susp Darryl Bostic" More from the Sun*

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