Monday, November 5, 2012

Let's get stoned and watch the alligator

187: Lawrence Thomas, victim of a home-invasion robbery at 3125 Artaban Place

32-year-old John Mason is in the hospital with a fractured skull after being stomped in the middle of his head in the middle of the day in the middle of downtown* by five men during what police say was an attempted robbery.

A mysteriously un-alive male body was found in Middle Branch Park in S Baltimore near Waterview Ave and Cherry Hill Road, Fenton Tweets "Woman who says she knows victim said he and girlfriend have been living in these woods since the summer in a makeshift campground.."

Headline of the day: "Police seize drugs, alligator in drug bust," the alligator's owner is allegedly one Michael Bolden, a member of Dead Man Inc.; police also found "approximately 159 grams of kind bud marijuana." (is that a technical term?) 

Delaware online helpfully lists the Delmarva denizens in the Boy Scouts' "perversion files." And isn't it so interesting that the two of the most visibly, stridently anti-gay organizations in the U.S., the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts, were also both the most insistent against any/all evidence that gay people = child molesters, while simultaneously working overtime to protect actual child molesters? 

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