Monday, December 10, 2012


Three murders this weekend,* all on the West side: Brent Nickens, 22, 2300 block of Westwood Avenue on Friday night, and an unidentified person in the 800 block of Brooks Lane on Saturday.  And a 24-year-old Thomas Rawlings was stabbed to death on the 1800 block of Fulton Ave. (seven blocks away from Westwood Ave) Fenton notes these murders come after 12 days of murder-free relative peace. (Fenton retweeted a victim picture, loso_badazz, to the left, but not sure yet which victim it is. #BaltimoreProblems)

Yet another Spectator article* addresses what that original gun charge was for and how his head got shaved (though I still wonder what those charges from CA were). Here's a question: if you found out you were wanted on a warrant and wanted to contact a defense attorney to help you turn yourself in, who would you call? assuming Jill Carter wasn't available.

Police are ISO the woman to the right, who they say mowed down a man in her Mazda on Frankfort Ave and fled the scene.

In pervy news, a dorm aide at the School for the Deaf is accused of touching three girls. And a man in Worcester, MA, Geoffrey Portway was arraigned after he and a guy in Kansas conspired to kidnap a Baltimore boy (among other things). And Ian Duncan writes about the Baltimore law firm that's helping parents of victims of a Delaware pediatrician* accused of molesting nearly 900 victims.

The WSJ visited Shock Trauma

In the County an off-duty officer was shot outside of a party in Overlea

A teenager was shot in Middle River*

County police are ISO the bald guy on the left, wanted for robbing a Woodlawn Shell station

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