Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dopey dad's bust leads to baby barricade

Hey, a closed case! Asia Culter, 22 was charged for the murder of Donte Harris, 21,* after a woman who helped move his shot-up body from his house to the alley fessed up to police. Cutler then called 911 to say she'd found him.

Bealefeld published a sensible OpEd yesterday in the Sun*

Sexagenarian celebu-cop William J. Bratton is going to Oakland to help clean up the mess our chief Batts left behind. FWIW, Bratton was also Ed Norris' boss in NY for six years before Norris ascended to the BPD chiefship in 2000.

14 years for drug-dealing dad who used a baby as a doorstop. Which would make a great Huggies& ad. "We gave these two babies to two drug dealers. After 14 hours, only one is wearing a diaper that won't leak, even when dad uses the baby as a doorstop. This baby even stayed dry for the entire execution of the warrant. .... Huggies&. Enjoy The Ride." Press release: "Detective Phoenix Jennifer changed, fed, and cared for the infant until the child's mother arrived." ... You know, I'll bet if you're a female officer executing a warrant with a bunch of male officers, you get pretty darn tired of everybody assuming that you're going to be the one who's going to change that diaper. 

The CP has a grim feature on the demise of the Prisoner's Aid Association

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