Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Fenton reports 2012 ended with 217 murders,* Fenton Tweets that a 24-year-old victim shot on Sunday on Bryant Ave died at 11:46 yesterday night.

Adorbz: after officiating the crabtown countdown, SRB made haste to the courthouse to perform the state's first same-sex wedding, that of a couple of sexagenarian dudes, followed by five more weddings (some quinquagenarian lesbians, some cute guys in pink shirts who, reported some station, drove up from South Carolina). Mazel tov!

A man named Sir Keith English Queen Jones was shot to death in Glen Burnie, and his killer is still on the loose.

It's all over but the kvetching for the Hal Katz insurance agency.

Woefully mismanaged Baltimore Behavioral Health has filed for bankruptcy.*

Whawhawha? Short-fingered vulgarian Sam Zell = out of the news biz and the Tribune Co.= out of bankruptcy! Luke and the Justins have now become the chattel of a passel of hedge fund managers, the most prominent of which is Oaktree Capital Management (here's their CEO's apt. at 740 Park... one of his secondary residences). Rumor has it the bankers are more about focusing on the TV business and intend to sell of the Tribune's assets, bit by bit. The Sun is also dropping the AP's stories in favor of Reuters', so no more Ben Nuckols, except via the WaPo I guess. Bew! 

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