Monday, January 21, 2013


Ravens to Superbowl: fans celebrated by either lighting fireworks and/or shooting guns (a possibility Buzzfeed declares a "lol" "trashy" "fail") and in Federal Hill boozy-but-jubilant fans were either sprayed with pepper spray* or Nicorette, depending on who you ask.

A woman named Melissa Davis was stabbed to death Friday by a man she was arguing with in the 300 block of E. N. Ave., she was the city's 9th homicide. The 8th was an unid'd 19-year-old man in the SW*

Speaking of the SW, if someone from the SW wants to buy your phone off Craigslist, just say no.

Depressing: "On Wednesday, school officials from around the state will outline the construction and renovation projects they want the state to fund.  The requests before the Board of Public Works is known as the 'Beg-a-Thon.'" Well, plans were stopped for State Center and the Youth Jail, voters held their noses and voted for gambling and football brings in all this money -- no one should have to be begging for nothin. ...some brand new state-of-the-art schools will be built tout de suite, right?

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