Thursday, January 10, 2013

The sweetest girl on MySpace

Alycia Hoffman may be the sweetest girl on MySpace, but yesterday she was the craziest byatch on four wheels, injuring three police officers in a wackadoo chase following a drug buy that started in the city and ended with a fancy police-car box-in maneuver in the county. What do you think, PCP, crack or meth?

We've "only" had one murder so far this year, but 11 shootings

Apparently Harry Reid snuck provisions into Obamacare that prohibit wellness programs from having doctors ask about the presence of guns a house, and doesn't make exceptions for parents of young children, abused spouses or suicidal people. Doctors are also not allowed to track gunshot wounds or collect gun-injury data, which would seem to be an execution shot to JHU's Center for Gun Research.

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Anonymous said...

She's got two pages worth of entries on MDJCS. Lots of petty theft and lots of terrible driving.