Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love in the Time of Cholera

Oh shiz. Two students are dead near the University of MD in College Park after a murder/suicide.

A custodian was attacked this morning at Gwynns Falls Elementary school.

A man was shot in the leg and jaw in the 1100 block of N. Stricker Street.

We've heard a lot of crazy here at the blog, but this takes the crazy cake. SRB wants to start charging a fee for trash pickup.* She also wants firefighters, who already make 25% less than their counterparts in surrounding areas (see right), work more than 42 hours a week. No details yet on the trash proposal, but if it means that payers are surrounded by the garbage and rats from their non-paying neighbors (while the house burns down), Baltimore, dude, baby, cookie, you know I love you, but I am outta here. I'll do a lot for love, but gotta draw the line at heaps of rotting garbage, rat orgies and plague.

Habitual drunk driver Thomas Green, who mowed down two Hopkins students, was taken into custody after trying to drive his car drunk twice while it was outfitted with an interlock device. Fox reports that Green has 18 points on his license (warning, link has audio).

Web site The Robing Room = Yelp for judges. Judge Themelis ("a gentleman") is at the top for the city, at the bottom (Retired) Judge John Glynn ("a crank"), Evelyn Cannon ("chemical imbalance") and Yvette Bryant ("a nasty person").

In case you're wondering, here's who has drones. All the federal agencies, of course, and in MD, Queen Anne's county.

File under amazing but true: NBC News tracked fatal shootings over the MLK Jr. weekend and neither Baltimore nor Chicago had any (Melissa Davis was stabbed to death, however).

A rare disbarment for Paul W. Gardner II, aka the lawyer who repped Snoop.*

This is brilliant. Not the easiest thing on the ears, but brilliant.

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