Friday, March 22, 2013

Balling w Espantoons

Police are securing the West side with espantoons and basketball.*

The 2013 version State of MD vs. Policarpio Espinzoa Perez is to the jury.* Adan Espinoza Canela's trial is to start April 1. Notably, father of two of the children, Ricardo Espinoza, does not believe Policarpio is guilty and thinks the real killers are still at large.

No you did not, Baltimore City Zoning Commission! A jackassed bill has passed that will close down existing liquor stores in residentially zoned areas, which would include many long-running non-nuisance stores that are small and/or family-owned businesses (eg. Roland Park Wines & Liquors.) Burning question: why can't the city just enforce our existing loitering, littering or noise curfew laws? Why can't they just stop granting liquor licenses for stores in residential areas? and how is it legal to re-zone a business out of existence?


Ian said...

Is there any way to know which liquor stores will be affected? I'm worried for those poor people who run the Charles Village Schnapp Shop (on the very residential corner of Calvert and 30th).

This is totally stupid.

Maurice Bradbury said...

To find out you have to look at a zoning map. I know the Schnapp Shop is affected because the owners have been quoted in stories about the resolution-- that poor family sunk their life's savings into investing in starting a business here, and the city is going to force them to close and not compensate them one cent. Who will risk opening a business here now?

Cham said...

Here is a map of the locations of 104 non-conforming liquor stores, I copied this from one of the Sun reporters.

Ian said...

Thanks for the info. How depressing.