Tuesday, April 23, 2013

joder la policía

One guy is dead and two injured after a police-involved shooting last night in the 2700 block of Edmonson Ave.*

A man was shot to death at 8:22 this morning in the 2600 block of Loyola Southway.

A man was found dead of laceration wounds behind the North Avenue McDonald's on Trenton St. Saturday night. Yes, the McDonald's with the vittlevayor®.

An update on the shooting at Central Booking yesterday, a guy being held on loitering charges was shot trying to scale the fence (though police say he was not just loitering, but also opening unpurchased bags of chips)*.

A shooting on Marbourne Ave in South Baltimore.

Twenty-five Black Guerrilla Family members and 13 corrections officers were reportedly indicted in a racketeering conspiracy inside Central Booking. You'll recall that 24 members of the BGF were indicted in 2009 for smuggling cell phones, drugs and tobacco into prison with the help of corrupt guards.

Ronaldo Martin was apparently arrested for saying"fuck the police" and those bon mots alone. Page Croyder calls bullshit, and now that song is going to be stuck in my muthafuckin head all muthafuckin day. (Can't find the official video anywhere, but at least that one has Spanish subtitles. Can you believe that album is 25 years old? And still holds up.).

What the hell, Hampden? A guy pulled a gun on a woman after she accidentally bumped into him (she even said "excuse me"!) in the 3900 block of Falls Road.

Media blabber: how horrible are the Koch Bros.? Tribune employees now say Rupert Murdoch is looking pretty good. Related: job site careercast.com deemed newspaper reporter the worst job of 2013.

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