Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pickled egg time

Expected more local-news fanfare regarding the final passage of the gun bill on the TV news last night, but perhaps because of the late hour* of the final vote yesterday, local news has been pretty quiet. WBAL didn't get around to posting a story until almost 11 a.m. today-- "live, local, latebreaking" indeed-- and passage of a similar bill in Connecticut filled yesterday's gun-news hole. But they've noticed in Seattle, and according to the AP's Brian Witte, the Senate will begin reconciliation this morning (thanks, Brian Witte, MD reporter not published in MD).
(ps. Seven rounds, really, NY?)

Police are asking for the public's help solving a cold case from 1983, Samuel Williams, who was shot in the 4000 block of Wabash Ave by the train tracks.

At a York Rd Partnership meeting, Batts blamed the spike of homicides in the Northern on "micro rivalries" between the Tree Top Pirus and Black Guerilla Family members.

Two people were robbed outside the McDonald's at 29th and Greenmount.

Police are ISO two guys who shot a man in the arm with a semiautomatic handgun on O'Donnell Street over on the East side. But how do they know the men's exact ages?

And plenty of "you know what time it is" and "give me what you got"in the Baltimore Guide SE Blotter.

"Gimme two a dem pickled eggs and some Skoal"--  a portly, pale degenerate robbed the Gateway Road 7-11 in Edgewood at knifepoint.


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