Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Drug dealers are citizens too

What. If being callous and utterly tone-deaf gets you fired from a BPD communications job, sounds like Jack Papp is about to join Anthony Guglieimi in the bread line-- dude emailed a reporter that the department "is not going to tweet out every time a drug dealer shoots another criminal in the leg* for nonpayment, i.e. criminal-on-criminal crime that we know... we will still tweet out instances where nonfatal shootings involve citizens, public safety issues, etc." So I guess this guy* and the other people shot over the weekend were confirmed criminals, duly noted, and that if you have an arrest on your record you lose your Baltimore citizenship ... you're walking around in your own personal airport transit zone or something.
   Papp now claims that due to outcry the policy has been reversed, but the BPD has still not Tweeted a shooting in eight days.

In Glen Burnie a school bus driver was charged with robbing banks.

A male body this morning in the water by Fells Point, cause of death unknown

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