Friday, January 3, 2014

Braggarts and dinguses

Update, said victim has just died, five murders already this year.*

Meanwhile, Baltimore County is crowing that it had the lowest homicide rate since the 70's. Oh, shut up, Baltimore County. You want to rub it in about the low taxes too? How about the schools, how are those? I'm so happy for you.

A lot of interesting info in Fenton's crime chat. Por ejemplo, the fact that 95 percent of last year's homicide victims were black is the highest rate in a decade, five bodies were pulled out of the Harbor last year and most of the deaths were somehow alcohol-related (so far this week two bodies have been found in the water), and indeed, Anthony Gugleimi didn't really say anything police brass wasn't already thinking and/or hasn't said itself many times since his firing.

For fart's sake, people! Yet another crappy guardian was arrested after leaving a kid in a freezing car to go do some stupid thing. Today's idiot, grandpa Juan Carlos Calva Diaz, 47, allegedly left his kid in the car in freezing temperatures while he shopped for three hours at Arundel Mills Mall.

"Police find destructive devices in home" *cough* meth lab *cough*

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