Tuesday, April 22, 2014

$$urgeFire Committee

Five months ago a $285k consultants' report commissioned by Batts and paid for by you lambasted the BPD for staffing 40% of its shifts with officers working overtime, wasting money, undermining morale and forcing police to operate in a reactive mode while chaos reigns.
    Now, as if that report never was, the department is asking for  $195k to "form a committee" to figure out how to do what Milwaukee is doing, $1.2 million in additional funds to staff even more overtime to fund policing "surges" (ooh, just like Iraq!!) and $418k to start up CeaseFire simultaneously with the Milwaukee plan. And they want $$ for some curfew centers too.

"For abducting a woman in broad daylight, taking her into a vacant, and forcing her to perform sexual acts, and then nearly stabbing her to death when she tried to escape, Kamal Muhammad 42, was convicted yesterday of attempted second-degree murder and fourth-degree sexual offense."
David of Halethorpe, alleged Paschall
family patriarch
Remember the Paschall family burglary ring? Carl junior has agreed to a statement of facts with all of the wire-cutting and blowtorching details. Is Carl Junior David's son, brother or nephew?* Shrug.

It's spring, so that means stun guns and drama at the Inner Harbor.

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mdtruth said...

I put up some thoughts on my blog about this $$urgefire committee, which charts based on the reported FBI UCR crime data. I don't really understand what's so great about it. Milwaukee has not been a stellar performer - better than, say, DC. Or some other cities.