Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shit Hits Fan

First of all, the fire department would like to assure you that the massive fire from the senior center was not related to the rioting last night.

However, the burning and looting at the CVS and the rioters who cut the the fire department's hose certainly was.
And just because that guy is walking away from a police van does not mean he was the one who set it on fire.  Though those people at Mondawmin loading racks of clothes into their trunks are definitely guilty.

But heroes emerged, like the man who danced on top of a box truck to Michael Jackson, the (different?) v talented Michael Jackson impersonator who danced to "Beat It" and the mom who saw her son rioting on TV and ran out and beat him. Yes, even CNN concedes, "A few people tried to stop the unrest," including Vietnam vet Robert Valentine, who told young people to go away and told CNN,
"I've seen more than all this. This here is not relevant need to have their butts at home, viewing this with their families, studying and doing something with their life. They do not respect this young man's death. Their mom and daddy done lost a child. I am very pissed. .. I love my country, I love my charm city."
The riots ignited at the conclusion of Freddie Gray's funeral, a high and solemn-yet-firey event attended by Gray's family, including his mum, twin sister Fredricka, sister Carolina, stepfather; White House officials, Eric Garner's family; an all-star show of orators:

  • Jesse Jackson - "all of our sons are at risk .. police wagon became a tomb ... he is more than a citizen, a martyr. ...go out and march, and march and call his name"
  • Scruffy, tie-less Billy Murphy - "this is like a bad marriage, but we're not interested in divorce"
  • Jamal Bryant - "he was a threat because he was man enough to look somebody in the eye .. they're used to black men with their head bowed down low, their spirit broken. .. but he stopped running"
  • Elijah Cummings [tears]

And then at around 11:30 a.m. police claimed a "credible threat" of talks of gangs targeting police and "purge" on social media. As we were later to discover,  apparently a guy said on Facebook:
"We gonna unify, you got Bloods, Crips, Muslims, BGF, you got everybody out here, you ain't never see it like this before. Everybody together just to go against these pigs" 
So downtown schools and businesses then began to close starting at around 2 p.m., including UMAB, T. Rowe Price and Legg Mason. But at the end of the funeral, mourners rolled out, protestors converged, students from schools including Frederick Douglass near Mondawmin spilled into the streets. "outsiders" including press, national groups like the Crips, Bloods and Nation of Islam took to the streets, and on the East side Dunbar students near Hopkins Hospital hit the bricks.

And the mayor made good on her quip from last week about allowing civilians on the streets "space to destroy." Indeed, police held back, not just at Mondawmin and with Dunbar students but as North Avenue and the CVS were smashed and burned, until the men started cutting the fire hose. And at some point the police claimed someone shot at them, and boys and men definitely threw rocks and bricks. And 144 burnt cars.

Tuesday city schools were closed, and Tuesday morning the National Guard rolled in. City private schools were open, but sports were cancelled, and one school decided at 1:10 to close at 1:30 out of fears of .... no one is sure what, exactly.

But no fatalities that we know of yet.

At the moment Baltimore is on the front page of the BBC News, and thousands of troopers have been deployed. Hogan is moving his office to take over from Stephanie, who is clearly overwhelmed (I miss Sheila Dixon, she got stuff done).

A warm, clear and sunny day, the cloying sweet smell of burnt lead-painted wood dominates the air, with pockets of burnt rubber, sulphur and plastics.


Anonymous said...

Not only did you embarrass your city, you embarrassed the whole nation. Say you went to a party. Your sister was there. After you left your sister got crazy drunk and had sex with 15 guys, stole everything she could get her hands on and then lit the place on fire. You go to school the next day and everyone there knows what she did. Baltimore is the sister. the rest of the country is you and the world is the school. what happened Monday night in Baltimore cannot just be swept under the rug as if your sister did those things and came to school the next day with a batch of cookies. If someone commits a serious crime and goes to court saying "I'm really sorry" the judge doesn't say to the jury, "Oh the suspect pleads guilty but is really sorry so we are going to let them go" Once the crime is committed that's it. The criminal is held accountable. Baltimore should receive 20 years life. Arson, Robbery, Assault, Assault on a police officer, Grand theft, theft by taking, destruction of public and private property Etc. Etc. You can use footage in the next planet of the apes though. Thanks again Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

Huh? You sound stupid! Lol. Also, I suppose you haven't seen the videos of groups of white people looting the stores and vandalizing property. Only an idiot believes only what he learns through the media. And name calling? How old are you? 7? Lol.

Anonymous said...

I am a 63 year old amateur scientist in the San Joaquin valley California. I have researched many subjects. I have done this all my life. My work is my hobby my hobby was my work. It only took me a few minutes to analyze the riots. Black people are Very angry. Prisoners across the USA are very angry. Many think it is racism. It may be that as well but you should know we live in a police state. They want and are bullying, many want to inflict their sickness on all of us. They are doing the same thing to all. I am white. I have studied this in depth. If I could get a message to all of you, black, prisoners except death row it would be save your anger, take a deep breath, prepare for the battle of your life that will end this. Take care of yourself and your family. Hide and store your weapons in a safe place. Guns bullets as much as you need. Avoid any contact with any police official in the USA. Be safe. If you contact me I will answer any question. By text or email is best. God bless you. rosstrimmer@earthlink.net 559 310 7470.
Ross Giles Trimmer

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