Friday, May 15, 2015

Red State Maryland

90 homicides in 2015, 65 homicides at this time in 2014, increase of 38.5%.

Is it normal that the State's Attorney filed charges agains the officers in the Freddie Gray case before the ME ruled the death a homicide?

True story.
Bills signed by Gov Hogan include making use of recording devices legal; requiring police to keep demographic records info on who they stop; requiring police to keep records of who they kill/hospitalize; expanding the reach of the (utterly ineffectual) Civilian Review Board..

Stadium Lounge in Waverly shut down 6 months for illegal gambling. License owner's lawyer is named Frank Boozer.

Mikvah-vouyeur rabbi to be sentenced today*


Anonymous said...

don't blame hogan for baltimores problems and failures. hogan just started. baltimore has been run by democrats since the 30s or 40s... decades.... black liberal democrats to be exact. if the city is a failure, which is it, its black democrats you can blame. and the blacks keep voting for the same failed people and policies. democrats are to blame. not hogan. democrats have run and controlled Maryland for decades...

Anonymous said...

You get what you vote for Baltimore. It's only going to get worse. If I worked for BPD I'd be looking for a new city or county to work in. Maybe the mayor will appreciate their work after they have all left

Albert jack said...

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