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Monday, April 16, 2007

April 16

One of the students injured at Virginia Tech today by a currently unknown gunman was sophomore Justin Klein, a graduate of Catonsville High.

A 16-year-old-boy was shot in the arm, and arrests: Kenneth Mahai for the murder of Mark Robinson [#54 of 2007] and Keeco Stern, 18, and Kwamie Stern, 17, for killing Jermaine Morrison (2005).

More on the Middle River acid-on-the-playground incident and its toddler victim, Payton. There was a similar event in Austin, TX park on Thursday (though this involved muriatic acid instead). Creepy.

Johnny Toomer was ordered held without bail at his bail review this morning.

A baby shower turned deadly in PGC, ending with the death of uncle-to-be Jerrod A. Falls in a hail of bullets.

Maryland State Police shot Scott Perry to death after a car chase down your boyfriend's street in Elkton, Cecil Co. Fortunately Trooper Nitz sustained no permanent damage.

The Liquor Board has new legal power to check IDs and applicant backgrounds. Cheers!
(Is it illegal for a child molester to own a bar?)

Dalesios's of Little Italy has been cleared of harboring typhoid.

You know we couldn't go a single day without one ... a sex offender, that is. Today we have Raymond Strong of Port Deposit, who's charged with four counts of raping a 15-year-old he met on MySpace.

Bad Times in AAC:
- AAC and city police are looking for shooting victim Michael Jay Francis, 21, last seen being forced into the trunk of a stolen car, driver/shooter Antonio Moore, 20, and Moore's girlfriend, Sierra Monet Anderson, 18.
- Aaron Brown, 44, was shot to death in Annapolis.
- The body of a middle-aged woman was found floating in a tributary of the Patuxent River Tuesday in Davidsonville (down the southeast by Bowie).

Monday, February 26, 2007

February 26

Judge John M. Glynn sentenced Alvin Augustus Williams, 26, of the 6000 block of Marquette Road, Baltimore County, to 60 years in prison. Judge Glynn sentenced Williams to 30 years for the murder, 25 years for the assault and 5 years for the firearm count and ordered that the sentences run consecutively. This is the maximum penalty Williams faced under law. Assistant State's Attorney Sam Yee prosecuted, and Baltimore City jury convicted on January 12 for second-degree murder, first-degree assault and possession of a firearm. On November 12, 2005 Williams shot and killed Brian Jones, 34, of Millersville, MD in the 1100 block of South Ellwood Street. Jones was leaving a Canton nightspot with a friend when Williams approached them with a rifle and opened fire.

Ever wonder how "" managed to maintain such a shrill level of prolific vitriol for so long?
Notice how the site, archive and all, utterly vanished right after the Ehrlich defeat?
That's right, kids ... if you suspected that and "SoccerDad" were Republican inventions, you get a Gold Star (on a red Flag)!

Kane: Beef Begets Beef, so let's make hamburger.

HoCo: Kevin Francis Klink, 18, was arrested after the fatal baseball-bat-beating of Robert Brazell at Mt. Hebron High School early Sunday morning. He was HoCo's first murder of 2007.

AAC: A dead UnID'd 50-something white man was found dead in a streambed on Max Blobs Park Road.