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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Free pens and solid-gold paper clips

Happy Friday news dump, gun nuts! After eight hours of debate, booing and sighs, the gun bill went to the House yesterday with the assault-weapons restrictions intact. Nathaniel T. Oaks: "Why do the authorities need to retain the fingerprints?” 
Uhm like because duh?
Also released, a list of items found at Adam Lanza's house. What a difference a Bushmaster makes-- if he'd taken an armful of any of the other weapons in his arsenal, how many might still be alive?

Ed Ericson Jr. writes about the variegated dramas of the "Men of the Pen" -- Big Boyz Bail Bonds

Harbor East developers are edging closer to a $107 million tax break, and howcomes traffic cones got 5 times more expensive in three years and office-supply costs quintupled? Hrm?

In another case of the city paying taxes for developers, the state's attorney's office will be spending $1.4 million a year to get out of its rat-infested courthouse offices and into schweet suites in the SunTrust building.

Batts and Bealefeld sat behind a table together at UB Law

White supremacist Matthew Heimbach blarbed to the JZ

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Big Boyz' Bondsman Gets Big House Boot via Pinterest
Oh those bad boyz of bail! Kick em all out! Big Boyz bail bondsman  Ethan Nochumowitz (Nochumowitz?!) was barred from Central Booking. Said his lawyer Andrew Graham, "was not impolite, nor did he raise his voice. He was assertive." Hrm.