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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February 28

His mom went to jail, then 17-year-old Vic Roy Fenner [46] was fatally shot in the head on Monday night on Guilford and 21st in Barclay.

Anna Ditkoff reports on the murders of Charles Pace, Darnell Cain, Brian Lessane, Andre Jones, Antonio Harris, and two unidentified victims.
Grouses a reader,
"The 2300 block of Barclay is not particularly 'near' Lovely Lane Church in any significant manner worth noting as it is closer to other establishments of familiarity. And the 1800 block of Clifton Ave is not near enough to Druid Hill Park to serve any useful purpose. The 1800 block of Clifton isn't even in a neighborhood adjacent to the park. In dense urban areas, many places are near lots of other places. The relevence of distance changes relative to the density of the area. These reference points only serve to confuse and confound..."

Robert Brazell was left to die after everyone in the HoCo high school brawl ran away. Meanwhile, police were busy busting an underage drinking party that several of Brazell's former schoolmates were attending.

Perhaps Club Choices should be renamed Club A Whole Bunch Of Kids Stabbing Each Other.

Pat Jessamy testified yesterday for better witness intimidation laws.

Three men robbed a First Mariner Bank in AAC yesterday morning.

A bucolic organic farm in Worthington Valley was the setting for a Lyme-infected love quadrangle cumulating in cuckold farmer James Dasher firing rounds at a randy farmhand ... or was simply a case of a generous herdsman tripping over a shotgun?

Sean Joseph O'Brien, a Carroll County inmate who escaped from rehab at Gaudenzia last month, was arrested after robbing two people with a BB gun.

If only all of our criminals would speed away to PGC.