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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Word of the day: taggant: noun, a substance added to a product to indicate its source of manufacture, as in taggants were used to solve a car bombing in Baltimore in 1979, but due to the lobbying power of the NRA, while taggants could be added to explosives in this country, they are not.

 Anton Lesane
The BPD reported a homicide at 3800 Clifton Avenue, the city's 60th of the year. The victim was ID'd as 21-year-old Andrew Morris.

So you probably heard about Johnny Johnson, high on a speedball and going 100 mph* on 83 before he killed that poor Orioles fan.

Marcus Lesane, known as Anton, went missing on Sunday and his family presumes he's dead.* How could someone go missing under such flagrantly suspicious circumstances-- keys dangling at the damn car door-- and the police not even send out a damn Tweet about it? How hard is it to Tweet a damn Tweet? Sorry to cuss but damn.

A home invasion* a block north of Patterson Park

Way to ride some azz, Scott Calvert and Luke Broadwater. The city has suspended the use of speed and red light cameras* (for the moment) after the new vendor's cameras showed ticket errors. Oh and BTW the Brew reports that the city just forked over $2.2 million towards these cameras. Even though Brekford's set to get a hefty illegal bounty on proceeds.

So schadenfreudelicious: David Cordish was reportedly swindled by a tax-haven crook.

Stolen guns in Essex and burgled cars in Pikesville in the Patch blotter.

If you missed the Ken Burns documentary on the Central Park Five you can watch it on the PBS website.