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Monday, March 12, 2007

March 12

Two reported killings over the weekend: On Saturday, Allen Coates was at a birthday party at Maceo's Lounge. He confronted a man who was "groping" a woman at the party and was repeatedly shot as a result. Early Sunday morning, 40-year-old Damon Smith was found in an alley of the 5000 block of Denmore in the Northwest; he had been repeatedly shot more than an hour before.

17-year-old Andrew Tuell was arrested in Utah for the Annapolis murder of Terrance Powell, and Daniel Lawson was arrested in Glen Burnie for last week's murder of James Fabian in Brooklyn Park (AAC).

BaCo popo want CoCo.

A 50-year-old Delaware woman traveled to Harford County and unsucessfully hired a hit man to take out her step-mother.

DNA evidence led prosecutors to drop charges against Andre Christopher King, accused of raping an 8-year-old. The victim's family still claim that he did it.

A 16-year-old was killed when his drunk friend crashed into a tree.

A librarian was robbed at gunpoint in the elevator of a parking garage while she was on her way to work at the Towson public library.

A happier, friendlier Central Booking awaits you.

Gregory Kane looks at the recent stabbings at the Maryland House of Corrections in Jessup.

A man who might have been drinking a the flight from Phoenix was arrested at BWI for slapping flight attendants.

It's not right to work so hard for your constituents yet bring home a paltry $80,000, so I think we'd all agree that our city leaders deserve an 18-to-26% pay increase.

Perhaps our state workers also deserve a raise, so they can stop watching porn at work and do it at home instead.