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Friday, August 16, 2013

OoooooOoo Yeh

Police have in custody three juveniles they believe are responsible for the recent rash of phone-jackings and occasional shootings in the Northern, reports the Patch's Adam Bednar. But where are the mugshots? I need mugshots and nicknames, ppl! ... oh, right, they're juveniles. But the Deuce says one is being charged as an adult! So we get one mugshot! Bring me his head.
Tide Point

In other real estate news, Harbor Point developer Michael Beatty is buying his own city-issued bonds* at a discount, using the interest he's saving to pay for a construction loan. Points out Douglas Miles of BUILD Baltimore: "If [Beatty] can afford to buy $35 million worth of bonds, he could have afforded to invest in the project and reduce the TIF."
Update: Even Rodricks* is peeved about this. (But how is the bond scandal good public relations?)

... so what do you think about Hampden Merchants wanting the local methadone clinic to close*? Sounds like NIMBYism to me, especially considering most of the addicts are from Hampden. That clinic is probably the only thing keeping the merchants from being targeted more .. and the reason rents on the Avenue are still so cheap.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

'I'm going after you'

Maybe he was talking to the booger.

"You're done.. I'll make sure you're through... I'm going after you." 

BGF prison babydaddy? Jilted swain? Tony Soprano?
That would be Steve Kearney, former director of policy and communications for Martin O'Malley, now a shadowy henchman for the Harbor Point project, threatening Carl Stokes in front of two witnesses. Wow. And yes, it's *that* Steve Kearney of KO Public Affairs fame, who toiled in the shadows to bring us astroturf for assreamings such as speed cameras, State Center and casinos. Interesting how Steve's picture appears nowhere but for the Brew's photo of his flabby jowls whilst he apparently picks his nose and/or eats his boogers at the Harbor Point vote.

Two street robberies at 6 a.m.? Were the robbers up early to make it to Zumba class? The victims were victimized at Huntington and W. 30th and at Wyman Park Drive, respectively ("the robbers shoved or tripped him, knocking his glasses off") by three young black males in a silver four-door-car. There was also a robbery in the 3600 block of Greenway (Guilford) Monday. If connected to the other recent street robberies this would be the sixth and seventh robberies by the same group.  And here's #8-something from this morning (so they robbed a guy at 6 a.m. in a silver car, stole the Volvo and went back to robbing?):
Time: 8:47 AM

Summary: A JHU affiliate was walking east in the 200 block of Wyman Park Drive (North side of street) when approached by several juveniles. Two of the juveniles were walking ahead of the victim while a third grabbed the victim from behind and pulled the victim to the ground taking her purse. The suspects then took off running towards Remington Ave. Witnesses to the incident reported observing the suspects entering a vehicle that BPD indicated was reported stolen and used in a previous robbery in Baltimore. Victim had abrasions on her legs and was treated at the scene by Baltimore City medics. BPD and Campus Security canvassed the area for suspects/suspect vehicle with negative results.

Suspect Info:
Suspect #1- B/M, juvenile, wearing a polo shirt with blue/white/green stripes, no further description

Suspect #2– B/M, juvenile, wearing white jeans, no further description

Suspect #3 – B/M, juvenile, no further description

Suspect #4 – B/M, juvenile, no further description

Suspect’s Vehicle – Brown or Gold Volvo – Maryland Tag # 2BC2237
Also a robbery and a bloody assault of a 62-year-old woman in Little Italy yesterday in the wee hours. The victim of the 40th St. shooting has been ID'd as Zebadiah Drinkwater,* employee of Chesapeake Systems. A page has been set up to collect donations for his medical expenses. Get well soon!

Murder suspect Cory Bowman may have shot himself in the head in the Perkins Homes yesterday.* He's suspected of killing Victoria Glover in front of his own son. Glover had a protective order against him since he attacked her with a knife after she asked him to go to church with her in February.

And speaking of the Constellation Energy Group: "Strip club promotion causes scare* at downtown office tower" - dumbass titty club put sand in their party invitations. Scores should partner with the Liquid Lapdance people for giveaways (NSFW).

Foreclosures in the city have tripled since this time last year, reporteth Bloomberg. TIL MD has the second-highest foreclosure rate in the county, right after Florida. Dayum.

"Trial begins for Baltimore detective accused of lying about shooting himself*"

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mugged for pizza

We've had 99 murders and Riggs Avenue is one.

Shooting last night in the 400 block of Brunswick St.*

A man who allegedly tried to stop a domestic assault was stabbed in the 7-11 in the 6300 block of Sherwood Road,* right over the city line.

Crime is up in Hampden,* including burglaries, domestic assaults and car break-ins.

A rash of car thefts* in the Northern

In the SE, a woman mugged for pizza, a woman choked by her baby's father and her cell phone taken (happy father's day!), stolen candy.

Whew, the deuce reports that missing suicidal/homicidal Jennifer Carlson has been found.

Female corrections officers in male prisons*: sunshine spreaders, sex predators, underpaid underlings.