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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Killer Darryl

Darryl Anderson, call 911 if u see
The BPD is ISO Darryl Anderson, left, for murder.

Somewhere a robber is pooping blue and orange and smoking Newports.

Worth noting amid the heightened focus on Baltimore crime?: no shootings reported overnight Friday or since overnight Thursday...

A man was robbed and stabbed near a bike trail in Glen Burnie 

Oh noo, remember  Dale "Bugsy" Wakefield, who celebrated his 21st birthday by stabbing a 71-year-old homeless man 71+ times? Then fled here and was caught by the BPD? Yeah, so, Central Booking accidentally released him. Fortunately his sister turned his stabby ass in when she found out he was OTW to her dorm room at Coppin State. The jail's major assbonery prompted some rare judgy words from the PA DA, David Heckler, who blasted Central Booking officials as "utterly incompetent." Oh, also "inept and completely uncooperative" and "frickin' irresponsible."* (the "frickin" appears in the print edition, but is apparently too saucy for electronic media).

Joe & Krystal
These ghosters in Sticksville got robbed. Love that robin egg backdrop they got in HarfCo.

Media blabber:
Hey, look who cleans up nice! Are those his real glasses? Z on TV has a piece* on Fox 45 News Producer Stephen Janis, who started as a music producer and segued into crime reporting with Luke Broadwater at the Examiner and then to starting Investigative Voice.

AF James MacArthur's back and blogging, and went a whole paragraph without promoting himself. TL; DR: he's launching a rebranding as The Baltimore Citizen.

... I wish Z would do something on the state of getting one's local news these days. What does this paywalling and dispersal of info mean for civic involvement? Where do you readers get your news, besides here?