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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


A not-yet-ID'd man was shot to death on York Road and Chateau Avenue.

Deander Salmond, 19, died after being shot in the Southwestern Tuesday night.

The jury has sentenced John Gaumer to life in prison.

Inventor Paul Biermann at Hopkins' Applied Physics Laboratory in HoCo is trying to invent shank-proof prison toiletries.

(Alleged) perv of the day: Patrick McIntyre, a seventh-grade science teacher at Immaculate Conception School, removed from his job following allegations that he sexually abused a male student in the late 1970s.

Media Corner:
Staffers rallied on Calvert Street today to "Save our Sun!"
Quoted copy editor: "We’re working hard to bring readers the best news we can ... But the more they drain our staff of talent, the less of a good job we’ll be able to do.”
The Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild today began attempts to negotiate a new contract with management, and has also hired a PR firm to "represent its viewpoint to the media."

May 16

In the Blotter: a homeless woman was shot on S. Hilton Street.

Zachary James, one of the city's "youngest and most brazen murder suspects," pled guilty and will serve 60 years, 10 without the possibility of parole, for the murders of 34-year-old Richard Smith and 32-year-old Michael Freeman.

Gaumer begged for his life and apologized to Josie Brown's family.
Here's a link posted a long time back about the case on Huff's Crime Blog, which includes comments from more than one woman he dated after he murdered Josie Brown.

Pretrail motions in the Jemini Jones gun-possession case began this morning before Judge John Carroll Byrnes.

Terrell Heath, 31, was killed by a police taser, the "second in [the] city in a month related to stun guns."

Ditkoff: "For the second week in a row Baltimore City has more homicides than days. This is the fourth week this year with eight or more homicides." Todd Little, Antwoine Hawkins, Gerald Wilson, William Curtis, Michael Davis, Thomas Mouzon Jr., and the murder heard by our reader on 25th street was ID'd as Deandre Hatcher, age 17. And updates!

Jezum crow! Ms. Ditkoff lightly grills the city council president on the details of the vaxingly vague noise bill and gets beyond-idiotic answers. Good gravy, if you had a private-sector job and tried to pass answers like this over on your bosses .... ("How significant a problem is noise in the city?" "I don't know the exact number..." "Who would make the decision that someone is being too loud?" "We're still working that out.") If you voted for her ever, please kick yourself in the nuts right now.

And more CP: Tenant "Willing to Fight a Million-Dollar Libel Suit For His Right to Call His Landlord a Crook"

cop muralDog-walker Katie Wainwright reports that eight cops from the Southern spent a half-hour ticketing owners of unleashed dogs in in Riverside Park.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

May 8

Post: "Gov. Martin O'Malley said he is considering whether to sign a bill that would put Maryland among the states seeking to reverse a long trend toward more severe punishment for some drug crimes."

"Detectives may walk beat in Baltimore" sounds like an encouraging headline, but ... "detectives" includes the city's mere 42 (?!?!?!) homicide detectives, who, in addition to the corpses du jour spend one week a month working on some of the 1,065 unsolved murder cases (according to Janis) that remain unsolved from the past nine years.
Meanwhile, in case you missed it, the homicide closure rate for 2007 is 23.4 percent so far.

The aptly named, Robert Looney, wanted by authorities on an attempted-murder charge, was arrested at about 8 a.m. today after he barricaded himself inside a house on the 2800 block of Gatehouse Drive in West Baltimore.

A reader at the U of MD downtown wrote to ask, "Have you heard anything about a group of teens knocking on doors in Ridgley’s Delight on Monday morning around 10 a.m.? Supposedly, someone in the group shot at the front door of one home, hitting the occupant." Later today she forwarded this warning from the police:
This morning (Monday), there was an attempted home invasion on Fremont Street near South Paca Street. The suspects were seen earlier knocking on doors in the area. It is also believed that they were involved in a shooting on Scott Street in Barre Circle last week.

What can you do?
If somebody knocks on your door, do not open it before checking to see who is there [gee, rilly?!]. If you see people matching the following descriptions knocking on doors, please call 911 immediately and tell the operator that you see suspects matching the description of the shooting in Ridgely's Delight.

Suspect #1
Age: 16 - 19
Race: African American
Skin Tone: Brown/Medium
Sex: Male.
Build: Medium
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Dread locks (shoulder length)
Clothing: Blue and red polo shirt with grey sweatpants

Suspect #2
Age: 16 - 19
Race: African American
Skin tone: Dark
Sex: Male
Build: Medium
Height: 5"6"
Hair: Short curly hair
Clothing: Dark colored hooded sweat shirt
Suspect(s) are known to be armed with a long barreled handgun, possibly a [.]22 caliber. Suspect fled on foot across MLK toward Pigtown. The University of Maryland police are also assisting with the investigation.
barnesAttorney for Roland Park's local perv, Kenneth Barnes (left): let my pervert go!

WJZ: illegal dirt bikes and ATVs are wild on the streets and police won't chase them down, creating a "real stew of trouble."

In the County, John Gaumer's trial for the murder of Hampden's Josie Brown began. The Sun's Jennifer McMenamin has details about the process of the investigation, but Broadwater at the Examiner lets loose with the horrific details that will have you groping for a puke bucket. As reports of horrific murders should, right?

Jamaal K. Abeokuto's death sentence was reduced today to life without parole for the 2002 kidnapping and death of eight-year-old Marciana Ringo.

slaveBetter late than never dept: the Gov. signed a bill apologizing for slavery in Maryland. On that note, quote of the day from former slave about mealtime at Hampton Mansion up in Towson:
There was a trough out in the yard where the poured in mush and milk, and us children and the dogs would all crowd 'round and eat it together. We children had homemade wooden paddles to eat with, and we sure had to be in a hurry about it, because the dogs would get it all if we didn't.
And a recollection by a man who'd seen his sister beaten for accidentally breaking a clock:
My old marster took her and tied a rope around her neck-- just long enough to keep it from choking her-- and tied her up in the back yard and whipped her I don't know how long. There stood mother, there stood father, and there stood all the children and none could come to her rescue."
(from James Loewen's excellent Lies Across America, quoting slave narratives collected in the 1930s). Overseers, including the Ridgelys of Hampton, were also known to rub salt into whip wounds, castrate males who ran away, and sell parents of young children to farway plantations, never to be seen again. Gone With the Wind it wasn't!

Monday, May 7, 2007

May 7

Wow! This weekend's murder rate is down 66% from the same period last week. Perhaps the mayor and police commissioner should schedule a meeting to celebrate their success. Yesterday morning at about 1:30, an unidentified man was repeatedly shot in the 200 block of S. Spring Ct. in the Southeastern. He died at Hopkins about an hour later. Early Saturday morning, an unidentified man was fatally shot in the head in the 1300 block of Herkimer St.

Two more of last week's murder victims have been identified. 23-year-old Matthew Davis was the man found in an Acura in the 100 block of S. Mount St. on Thursday evening. 16-year-old Jamal Knox was the boy found in a car in the 500 block of Half Mile Ct. last Monday.

In addition to the newly-identified homicide victims, today's Blotter (linked above) also lists a shooting, two stabbings, a whole bunch of burglaries in the county, and the arrest of Gregory Davenport for the murder of Dewitt Smith.

Soman Thamby was arrested and charged with killing his wife, Lesa.

A PG man was stabbed to death at an International House of Pancakes in Bladensburg early this morning.

Ten teenagers escaped from the Charles Hickey School on Sunday night, and five of them are still at large.

Not only had Brandon Grimes, the man accused of killing Det. Troy Chesley, been arrested 17 times, but the gun that Grimes used in the murder had come to the police's attention twice before.

Pharoah Carr, a witness in the murder trial against LeShawn Green, is refusing to testify in court, so city prosecutors have been granted the right to use a taped interview with police.

Shawn Anthony Jones' trial begins today in Carroll County Circuit Court. Jones is accused of first-degree murder in the death of Donnie Bowman, and attempted first-degree murder in the shooting of Lamont Dew.

Opening arguments are scheduled to begin today in the trial of John Gaumer, accused of murdering and raping Josie Brown on their first date. The Examiner article really reflects what a spineless piece of crap Gaumer is.

Someone set a fire in the elevator of a Towson University dorm.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

May 2

Larry Brockington, 31, was shot to death in the 900 block of N. Rosedale Street in the Franklintown Road neighborhood on the West Side. Notes Gus G. Sentementes, "It was the second fatal shooting on the street in less than a week. On Friday, 25-year-old Dewitt Smith was killed in the 1600 block of N. Rosedale St."

Three suspicious deaths have been added to our tally (but not the Police's), bringing the count to 98: Phillp Hines, 36, and Dontrelle Nesmith, 29, found 3200 block of Normount Avenue in the Southwestern, and Duane Allen, 42, found "partially submerged in a marshy area in Westport" near the 2000 block of Annapolis Road and Clare Street.

Several homicide victims have been ID'd: 21-year-old Deshaun White was killed on Monday in the 3600 block of Reisterstown Rd.; 24-year-old Eric Queen was killed Monday in the 1900 block of E. Lafayette St.; and 36-year-old Lonnie Plateo was killed Sunday afternoon in the 4600 block of Old Frederick Rd. Also in the Blotter: a 25-year-old man was shot on W. Cold Spring Lane and is in critical condition; a 31-year-old woman was shot while sitting on a neighbor's porch on N. Ellwood St. and is in critical condition; a 34-year-old man was cut on the face when he didn't have any money to give robbers on Eastern Ave.; and a man and woman were robbed of $24 at gunpoint on Baltimore St. Oh, and that's just what happened in the Northern and the Southeastern.

This week's "Murder Ink" covers seven homicides -- including the police-related death of Damion Baker -- and provides updates on four other murder cases.

No shit, Sherlock: "City residents want to see more police walking streets."

In response to yesterday's Examiner stories on unsolved murders, Sheila D. says we have to trust our police. She did not mention whether or not she is forming a committee to examine if, in addition to trusting the police, we should stop killing each other.

The good mayor is also pulling for a data analysis system to help track gun crimes. There have been 204 shootings so far this year, compared to 162 at the same time last year.

Ann Barone was forced out of her house by the city's nuisance laws. One neighbor said, "There was drugs going on, drug dealers living in the house, drugs being sold in the house."

Jury selection is scheduled to begin today in Baltimore County for alleged MySpace killer John Gaumer.

There may be a breakthrough in the case against Nancy Jean Siegel, who is accused of killing her 76-year-old boyfriend 11 years ago.

Perv du jour: Cmdr. Kevin Ronan has been accused of making video recordings of midshipmen having sex with their girlfriends.

Convicted murderer George Robert Chaney was indicted for robbing a Provident Bank on E. Monument St. in April.

Denise Rosado got 6 months for stealing $33,000 from her job at the state. Donna and Wilson Lam, however, defrauded the state of $1.7 million, but no criminal charges have been filed yet.

Urban adventurer Michael Arndt broke into the wrong Columbia warehouse.