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Monday, August 26, 2013

Easy money, real talk, no game

A man was shot in the leg in the 300 block of McMechen Street in Bolton Hill, walked himself to the hospital.

Shanika Harris, mother of 15-year-old shooting victim Deshuan "Lor D'Shaun" Jones, talked to WMAR, says Jones wasn't shooting dice but was sitting on steps nearby. No suspects have been identified in spite of scads of surveillance cameras nearby.

In jail, you can't change the privacy of your Facebook page. And so here's Yashim Vaughn, arrested for shooting Zeb Drinkwater on 40th and Roland. And don't miss his "wifey," Isabel Love.

Prison official John Galey, 69, has retired, simultaneously taking the fall for a nasty string of attacks on guards, corruption and accidental releases while also collecting a sweet pension.

In other privacy news, the UK Guardian reported Friday that they were partnering with the New York Times to publish the Snowden revelations-- irony alert, in spite of it all journalists still have better legal protection in the U.S. than in Britain. Also last week the creepy revelation that the British government is leaking on itself to The Independent in an attempt to make Snowden look like a security threat.

City Paper for sale.And the former owner of the Jewish Times is now selling smoothies.

Beemore is Who I Do it Fore

So sad! The 15-year-old victim shot in a dispute over a dice game at 1500 West Fayette was ID'd as Deshaun Jones, a talented youth working in the hardcore rap medium under the nom de rap Lor D'Shaun. He had released an album/mixtape, "Tales from a Young Nigga," and was in featured least nine videos, over the course of which he goes from small, rowdy and snaggletoothed to professional and polished. "Bmore is who I do it fo ... home of da waya, the Ravens and the Or-io-les."

"Scheduling conflicts,*" eh? In spite of last month's sunny predictions, with the Grand Prix a mere five days away, the mayor et al are already starting to massage the message to the masses to soften the news that this year's race will lose yet more money and probably will not be held here again, in spite of all those pit crews who've booked rooms in the harbor hotels of SRB's developer buddies. Hooter's waitresses might get better tips, but way more people will lose hours and days of work from businesses closed or crippled by road closures (starting Thursday!) and race traffic through the heart of downtown.
   And let's not forget, the race still has no title sponsor because the Worst Mayor in America asked for a million dollars and is apparently surprised that no corporations jumped right on that amazing opportunity. The Brew's take: "The Grand What?"

The good news: Harbor Point's Michael Beatty plans to "surpass city's goals for hiring minorities." The bad news: they're all going to be illegal immigrants brought over in banana crates from Honduras.