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Thursday, May 24, 2007

May 24

Update: one of Tuesday's shooting victims has died.
An account of the Mt. Royal mowdown from "anonymous," promoted from comments:
At some point before on tuesday night before midnight (i think it was around 11:20, but I wasn’t paying attention to the time too closely), 30 to 50 shots rang out at the corner guilford and mt. royal, in front of the rehabbed firehouse, over the course of about fifteen seconds.

Two uninjured assailants fled on foot across the guilford bridge, turned right at Oliver, dumped a handgun in the back of a truck under the copycat building and continued to flee eastward. Multiple witnesses in the copycat building saw this. (a police car with flashing lights was under the JFX, parked, investigating the scene of a motorcycle fatality from the night prior, between 100 and 200 feet from the scene of the shooting).

Police, fire trucks, and paramedics responded to the scene of the shooting approximately 5 to 10 minutes later. While cordoning off the crime scene tending to the wounded, one shot in the head and the other (i think) shot in the back, police received a call from the attendant at the BP station, of two more victims at the corner of St Paul and Mt Royal. It seems, although I’m not sure, that these two victims fled scene of the shooting, and went to the BP station for help).

All told, there were 4 shooting victims. At this point, all were alive. Victims were taken to Maryland Shock Trauma. One victim, shot in the head, has since died.

Police expanded the perimeter of the investigation to include the scene of the shooting, the BP station, the guilford street bridge, under the copycat building and Oliver Street. Police helicopters scoped the area around the copycat for approx. an hour. Police detectives stayed in the area for approx. 2 hours scanning for evidence.

As of now, the police have in their possession the handgun dumped in the back of the truck (whether they have more guns: I don’t know). They do not have the assailants, although they have "promising leads,” which to me sounds like they know who they are. Now it is a matter of catching them and making the case stick.

Psycho stalker Larry Davis got life for trying to blow up his ex-girlfriend's car. And in AAC, Aubrey Mayhew of Churchton has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for strangling his estranged wife with a telephone cord.

Upon his fourth conviction, Naim Dawson, 31, got 17 1/2 federal years for guns-n-drugs.

A federal grand jury has charged Tricia Yoo Matuszak and Min Jae "Mindy" Song of Los Angeles and Yong-Mi Chang of Seoul, South Korea for conspiring to submit false labor certifications and immigration petitions on behalf of aliens applying for visas.

Joseph Monroe Green, Jr., the former manager of a Lutherville branch of Chevy Chase Bank, got 21 months and must pay restitution for stealing from the vault.
Oh no! The editor of the Examiner, Frank J. Keegan, was "arrested last night and charged with pointing a shotgun at his neighbor's family during a dispute over cigarette smoking."

CSA: Prosecutors can use evidence of gang affiliation and expert testimony about gang life to demonstrate a motive.

Now that's odd: the Sun has six paragraphs on a crack-dealing arrest near Dru Hill.

Olesker: "There’s a level of violence in parts of Baltimore that far exceeds anything ... acceptable in a civilized world."

Court of Appeals: one expert's testimony on "sick building syndome" not enough to establish validity.

The tall ship Clipper City, known for pirate-themed sails, sailing brunches and reggae-themed boat parties, was seized by U.S. Marshalls to help settle the company's $1.3 million debt; a hearing in Bankruptcy Court is scheduled for this morning.