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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Frisk the children!

Good news! Police arrested Dante Woods for the murder of Donte Stephens in Rodger's Forge. "Donte Stephens was gunned down in Rodgers Forge last week because he had told the suspect days earlier that he wasn't allowed to do laundry at the house,* according to charging documents."

Capone Chase, "Public Enemy No. 1," was arrested for the July 15 murder of Ramon Rodriguez,* a murder that was reportedly "for Trayvon" but instead turned out to be for Black Guerrilla Family.

Lawmakers including Del. Keiffer Mitchell Jr. toured the City Detention Center, Gary Maynard is now allegedly working there now.*
Davonte Tyron Ronald Muse
Davonte Muse is wanted for burglaries in Guilford and "police have stepped up foot patrols in the neighborhood and told officers to stop and ask any juvenile walking around the neighborhood for identification." What? How illegal is that?!

A robber made off with $265 worth of Newports from the Charles Village CVS
Trial for alleged Remington killer Benny Davis is scheduled to start tomorrow (and likely to be postponed, but you never know).

SRB defended her million-something contract with financial consultants and blahblahblah.

Pregnant woman, why u make Ocean City police beat u up? (In case you were also nosy wondering, the alleged perps are from Freetown, Sierra Leone via Woodbridge, VA.)