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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sine Die Bloody Sine Die

So Sine Die came and went* with 100+ bills sent to the guv, including a ban on hand-held cell phones while driving, and a ban on cyberbullying, but without a resolution to the pit bill bull, and with Vallario Jr.'s withered haunches resolutely planted on the marijuana decriminalization/taxation bill, HB1453/ SB297, keeping it from being out to a vote in even with 57% of MDers supporting it.

So sad:
One Jamal Champan was convicted of first-degree murder for the 2010 slaying of an unnamed victim in the NW

The battle for control of the message, meta edition-*- neighbors are criticizing police silence on 45-minute-hovering-helicopter incidents. Here's a good idea: Seattle has pioneered something called "'tweet-by-beat,' with 51 hyper-local Twitter feeds putting out calls for service — excluding sex crimes and domestic violence — through an automated feed. That was a move made after the agency in 2011 overwhelmed followers of its main account by tweeting nearly every incident reported to police. Police in Cambridge, Mass., in February also began "real-time" tweeting of 911 dispatcher logs."

A police van was in a wreck in Overlea

12-stepping might help you quit drinking, but it can't make you a decent human being, it seems. Are AK-47s even legal here?

This HarfCo Sheriff's deputy is such a badass