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Monday, September 23, 2013

Open minded

Jose Morales, via the CP
Trial is scheduled to begin tomorrow for Jose Morales for the murder of Robert Long.* Morales is accused of hiring a Dead Man Inc. hit man to kill Long after allegedly finding out from his and Long's lawyer, Stanley Needleman, that Long planned to testify against him in a stolen-scaffolding case. Morales is currently serving a 262-month sentence in federal prison on charges that he tried to bring cocaine to Baltimore on a chartered jet. Demetrius Smith was previously charged for Long's murder, charges were dropped, but Smith is still in jail serving time for a different murder. Needleman is disbarred, serving a year for tax evasion and may testify against his former client.

The death of a five-month-old baby girl, Ilzaryah Morrison, in the 1600 block of N. Broadway September 2, was determined on Friday to have been a homicide.* No suspects, no details yet.

Willie Mayes, 59, charged with beating 52-year-old Donald Robinson,* said he pulverized Robinson after his daughter accused Robinson of rape. The daughter, Latiqwa Mayes, 19, is also charged, as are two of her teenaged friends. Mayes' story checks out: Robinson had been charged with a sex offense in 2003.

So apparently David's on Falls Road, formerly a crappy luncheon, is now a crappy sports bar, one where a gun was allegedly drawn on one employee by another.* One David Morgan, Jr., on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Get used to armed a-holes-- Marylanders have reportedly been "flocking" to buy guns at the rate of 1,000 a day over the past two weeks.*

Ida Mae Snipe, bathroom pickpocket, identity thief and bank fraudster whose accomplice begged stall neighbors* to spare a square while she pinched their purses was sentenced to more than 21 years in prison.*

Professional football player Jacoby Jones was reportedly hit in the head with a $600 magnum bottle of Ace of Spades champagne by a professional escort named Sweet Pea, who has a "38 waste" and is "open minded," which apparently means pay up or I will open your mind and waste it with a 38-pound bottle. No charges were filed.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pulled by dreads

The man shot to death in a Dodge in Rodger's Forge has been ID'd as one Donte Antonio Stephens, and residents, apparently unaccustomed to getting no information from the police, are adorably pouting and stomping their feet about it.* FWIW, the JIS shows that Stephens had been charged with rape and assault (though charges were dismissed).

Less adorably, the family of Tyrone Antonio West, DOB 5/69, pulled out of his car by his dreads, pepper sprayed and somehow brought to death, are sobbing and appealing for witnesses.* Is there video footage? One would think there would be a ton around the metro station, what with all those Homeland Security grants. The family has retained A. Dwight Pettit, so a lawsuit is sure TK. Audio and video reports on the CP site.

A masked man stabbed a woman in the stomach on Greenspring Ave.

Well here's some crazy shit, disbarred former attorney and petty thief* Stanley Needleman is now  implicated in the murder-for-hire of Robert Long, carried out by Dead Man Inc., which benefited client Jose Joaquin Morales Jr.

ha! SRB's financial advisers have won a $460, 942 new contract.

Video of man attacked by a mob on Exeter Street in Little Italy

Three murders last week detailed in the Ink

A West Baltimore raid seized dozens of guns

Girl-on-girl face punching, robbers in a minivan and a carjacking on Fayette and Caroline in the Baltimore Guide blotter.

Brace yourself, the gun nuts are coming. A juvenile court master wants state legislators to crack down on illegal toy guns.