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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Punishment cake

Tyrone West, 44, was allegedly beaten to death by police after a traffic stop in NE Baltimore at Kelway and Kitmore last Thursday. A cause of death hasn't been released, but witnesses say they saw an officer punch West while he was unconscious;* police said he had narcotics and noted he has been arrested previously for resisting arrest.*

Men killed in the intentionally set fire at DaVinci's on Park Avenue were ID'd as George Scarborough, 48, and Ali Poushangi, 49.* The arson ended four days of no murders or shootings*(?!)

 A man/suspect was shot in the foot by an MTA officer at the bus stop by Mondawmin Mall.

Snitching lands Stop Fucking Snitching star Sherman "Goose" Kemp in jail until 2035, when he'll be 56. Of all SFS conspirators, says Van Smith, "Kemp might take the cake for attracting punishment."

"A federal jury today convicted Daren Kareem Gadsden, aka “D,” age 36, of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, on charges related to a conspiracy to steal almost $1.4 million from a Housing Authority of Baltimore City bank account"

Bold daytime robberies in Roland Park

Ten years for a Reiserstown man who dealt the Kate Moss

County firefighter got 195 months in federal prison for collecting depictions of little boys' privacy areas

Thursday, November 1, 2012

"vote 'for' if you want it
and 'against' if you don't"

A hefty $500k bail for Vernoica Alford,* the mom accused of helping her son and his friend hide the body of Monae Turnage and hiding the gun that killed her in police officer John Ward's car.

Remember Stop Fucking Snitching (Volume I)? Of course you do. One of the film's stars, Sherman Kemp, is back in trouble, in spite of having been in jail for the last four years. Kemp was indicted on gun and cocaine charges in 2007.

A mere six days out of getting out of prison for his part in the BGFamily's prison-smuggling conspiracy, Marlow Bates, left, was arrested for possession of a stolen DOC badge.

Say what? Remember the sexual assault reported on the CONDOM campus? Police now say the student "miscommunicated" and no assault took place*.

RT : Shooting: Dartmouth/Marjorie. Adult male reported to be shot. Detectives investigating.

Homicide has been notified about the Carriage Ct shooting due to severity of victim's injuries
Third shooting victim reported tonight, hospital walk-in. Three people shot, one stabbed so far on Halloween night in Baltimore
SW RT : Shooting: 5300 Carriage Ct. Adult male reported to be shot. Detectives investigating.

The variegated malfeasances of the Southeast District include burgled coffers of a church gift shop, assaults from perps named "Chico" and "Deandre," a kid shot by a BB gun by his cousin, and a woman who pepper-sprayed another woman who told her she looked "like a man." (So many good comebacks to that, people should really be more creative.)

An audit of the office of the Orphan's Court Register of Wills uncovered not just the usual "time sheet shenanigans" but also a convicted felon on the payroll. (Register Mary W. Conaway is the daughter of Circuit Court Clerk Frank Sr. and sister of legislator/author Frank Jr.) (Why is the office not the "Registrar" of wills?)

SRB approved a $200k service-contract extension for Psychology Consultants Associated, which provides psychological treatment to police officers.

In Towson a liquor store on Taylor Ave was burgled of $4,000 worth of smokes and hooch*

An Owings Mills guy is charged with trying to strangle a woman

The Dryclean Direct of Pikesville was robbed of $833.75

SCOTUS takes on drug-sniffing dogs

The City Paper's published its election guide, which is curiously opinion-less (eg. "Vote “For” the amendment if you want major city agencies to be audited at least once during each four-year term of the city’s elected officials or “Against” if you don’t."

Friday, July 20, 2007

July 20 evening edition

Monday the Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Tracy* Asbury, 37, of the 4800 block of Pennington Avenue for first-degree murder and other charges. Police arrested Asbury in Talbot County today. Court documents allege Tracy Asbury and two other co-defendants were responsible for an incident on June 20, 2007 in which the body of Phillip Calvin Airey Jr. was found in a burning car on Route 295 in Linthicum. Airey had been beaten and stabbed before the car was set on fire. Robert Speake and Michael Martin were indicted on the same charges. An arraignment is scheduled for August 17, 2007 before Judge John M. Glynn, Room 236, Mitchell Courthouse. Homicide Division Chief and Assistant State’s Attorney Mark Cohen will prosecute this case.
* A male name in the South and a girl's name to Yankees, so could be male or female.

Two dead baby stories in one day! Sarah Wolf, 20, of Baltimore, was charged in VA with with improper disposal of a dead body after putting her newborn in a Dumpster after giving birth in a public restroom.

Sherman Kemp, featured in "Stop Fucking Snitching," was indicted on cocaine-related charges.

Two non-fatal shootings this afternoon in Northeast Baltimore: a man was shot in the back in the 1600 block of Ramblewood St., and a man was shot in the side in the 3500 block of East Northern Parkway.