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Monday, November 12, 2012

Elmo's Got Male?

Three shootings this weekend,* which by Baltimore standards is not bad (unless you happened to be one of the three who was shot, of course)

Luke Broadwater: Baltimore's ethics board hasn't met in six years.* (un-Sun link)

The parents of Annie McCann have increased the award for information leading to her death

Easy-on-the-eyes document thief Jason Savedoff will spend a year and a day in prison for his part in a scheme to ferret away 60+ rare documents in secret pockets in his clothes. His considerably schlubbier "mentor" Barry Landau is currently serving seven years in the federal hoosegow.

What?! Master of puppets Kevin Clash has been accused of having inappropriate relations with a 16-year-old-boy(!). Clash denies the allegations, and they frankly sound a little bit sketchy, but who knows. Clash is, of course, the creator/voice/puppeteer of Sesame Street's beloved Elmo; he grew up here in Baltimore in Turner's Station and got his start at WMAR. He was also once married (to a woman) and has a daughter, he's 52 and his accuser is now 23. Clash acknowledges the relationship but says it only got physical after the guy reached the age of consent.

Accused flea-market brawler Shane Quinet
A guy was hit in the head with a rubber mallet during a motorcycle-gang fight at a flea market in Dundalk; the gangs have been named as the Demon Souls and the Titan Motorcycle Club. Scott Huffines illustrates this on his blog with a dancing MC hammer (oh wait, I get it!). According to a random Web page, the Demon's Souls were founded in Philadelphia and in 2010 merged with the 1%ers.

The toddler found wandering alone on Belair Road has been reunited with his shitty parent

Really? In spite of the fact that the majority of Americans favor decriminalization or legalization of marijuana, Rodericks reports that pot arrests accounted for 43 percent of all drug arrests* in 2011. And lest you think that here in Baltimore police have bigger fish to fry, in 2010 the city averaged 18 marijuana possession arrests a day; marijuana arrests accounted for 1/4 of all of the arrests in the state. Wonder if it'll make a difference to have Anthony "Oaksterdam" Batts is in charge?

Speaking of all of those bigger fish, a friend of mine got her purse stolen from Frazier's on 36th street at about 1 a.m. Saturday before last. She doesn't drink, for what it's worth. The purse was next to her chair and someone picked it up and walked out with it. The perp(s)  then went on to rack up $1200 worth of purchases in the following hour, at the Royal Farms and the Falls Road Carroll Fuel and Exxon stations -- rather an impressive feat in itself. How much gas and pork rinds can a person buy? But here's the puzzler: Frazier's, the RoFo and the gas stations all have cameras, and of course the credit card companies know the exact moment when the purchases were made. The perps also went back to the stores repeatedly, returning to the Keswick Ave RoFo five times. Accessing their images shouldn't be at all hard to do. But my friend was told by the Northern district that because her purse was a larceny and not a robbery, the police will not look at the tapes. You'd think credit card companies would have something to say about that, I wonder why they don't? Anyone else have a similar experience?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shomrim victim wants to drop charges

Murder on Harlem Ave in west Baltimore
Why do you suppose the teen victim in the Shomrim assault case refused to testify and asked to drop charges? 
"The victim, now 16, cried as he mumbled responses to some of Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Wiggins’ questions. The teen testified he was walking to the bus stop from his grandmother’s home to go to a doctor’s appointment that day. He said he didn’t make the appointment because two men in a red car approached him, looked at him the wrong way and told him he was not supposed to be there. At times, the teen did not answer and would bend over to put his head in his lap."

Alleged pimp Jeremy Naughton, a.k.a. "Jerms Black," indicted for pimping, kidnapping, gun crimes

These teens that are drinking hand sanitizer for a buzz perhaps haven't heard of Annie McCann's death by Bactine®.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The sad, the bad and the stupid

Steven "J.R." Blackwell was sentenced to 20 years in the federal pen; his dad is already there.* Like Al Capone, twas the tax evasion that led to his undoing.

Thirteen years for "Big Man" Fauntleroy for selling the crack at the Gilmor homes.

And a decade in the federal pen for hairron dealing for Lamont Causion, 40 (no nickname given).

Oh, Baltimore Guide Police Blotter. "Someone broke into a parked car, stole the radio and set the car on fire." Also stolen: junk food and Ravens playoff tickets. In the Southeast, a woman "took exception" to being called a "dirty bitch," and a man stabbed at a bar left a blood trail.

The Supreme Court is backing privacy rights? It's true, police can't stick warrantless GPSes on car underparts any more.

Today in Annie McCann updates, Vaccaro's waitress says she served Annie McCann* a cappuccino and a cannoli, Anthony Guglielmi told Peter Hermann, then recanted, that the McCann's had a sketch of the waitress* generated with the help of a psychic. What a sad picture that is (left)-- the Sabrina Harman un-Duchenne.

To what do we owe last year's reduction in crime? One theory: Federal grants that helped the state & locals arrest violent offenders with outstanding warrants*.

Well there's an unexpected twist: a guy arrested for the 2000 murder of Heidi Bernadzikowski, 24, was *not* the one who took out a $700,000 life insurance policy* on her.

In Glen Burnie, a man was arrested after pulling a gun on a door-to-door salesman. Shoulda pulled a gun on that barber!

Animal-abuser registry: good idea?

The WaPo reveals that the Ehrlich campaign paid Paul E. Schurick's legal fees. And *irony alert*-- Ehrlich is set to write a column for the Sun.

Pervy corner: a priest with no pants, a Wicomico teacher accused of repeatedly boning a student in a classroom.