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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hand on the Pump, Per Say

Donte Bennett
Police fatally shot a man (who witnesses called a "kid" and Fenton says is 25near Douglass Homes and N. Caroline Street last night. Police say the man was armed, witnesses say he was only holding a cell phone. ("I didn't see no gun per say.") This is the 5th fatal police-involved shooting this year.
UPDATE: the man was ID'D as Donte A. Bennett, 5/1988, alias Donta Frye. He had an open warrant for assault and a long record, in February he was charged with spitting in public.

What is up with these domestics?! Police arrested a 68-year-old man for shooting a guy who I guess was either his boyfriend or his girlfriend's boyfriend.*

And what is up with the constant flow of people being mistakenly released from the city jail?! Today's butterfingers was the grandmother who allegedly killed her one-year-old grandson with methadone.* This time apparently it was the fault of a prosecutor who "mistakenly dropped charges." About six weeks ago the DA of PA publicly called MD corrections officials "utterly incompetent," "inept and completely uncooperative,""completely frickin irresponsible" and "sloppy" after they mistakenly released one Dale Wakefield, 21, who was being held after he allegedly stabbed a PA homeless man 70 times. There are so many mistaken-release stories I've given them their own tag, "butterfingers!"

Rodney Miller, 25 and charged with trespassing, was arrested for attempting to microwave a metal bike pump in the Circuit Courthouse on Calvert St.

Maj. Kimberly Burris placates the crime-victim residents of Lake Walker with flattery: " [burglars] come from outside your neighborhood. Your neighborhood is beautiful.*"

In Essex a man stabbed Balwinder Sandhu, the owner of 444 Liquors and Sports Bar on Eastern Boulevard.

Judge Emory Plitt refused to revoke bond for surf n turf menace Don Dwyer, noting that Dwyer hasn't been convicted on any charges related to his August DUI (yet).