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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two women, two dogs

Are homicide stats are what Baltimoreans "care about most" when it comes to crime? Does having a flood of cadets walk the beat* in a violence-plagued neighborhood make a difference? I'll take no and no for $200, Alex.

Jermaul (sic) Dean was charged with posing as a city police officer before frisking and rob a man in the SW.

man robbed a sex shop in Havre de Grace,* but only for cash.

Great reading: the Maryland Law Review.

In Queen Anne's county, the body of missing Robin Pope was found in the water on Kent Island and ID'd; three weeks ago her dog's body was also found. Curiously, in AAC the day before another woman was found dead with her dog.

Friday, March 15, 2013

'We got to think outside the box to get this done'

Another woman murdered, another "domestic-related" situation. Today's victim is Rachel Curtis, age 31 and the mother of five children,* dead from "undisclosed trauma" in the 2600 block of Wegworth Lane.

From City Paper contributing photographer J.M. Giordano:
All this year, I'll be teaming up with the Nether Bmore on a year-long project. The Cost is a series of portraits of those affected by the city's homicide rate. I'll be taking formal portraits of families of the victims while Nether will bring his amazing style of street art to portraits of the victims. Memorials that, space allowing, will be pasted at or near the scene of the crime. If ANYONE knows a family who in 2013 has been affected by the city's murder rate, PLEASE put them in touch with me. I can be reached at

Well, here's some shit: officer Kendell Richburg pleaded to charges on Monday related to planting drugs and guns on people, setting victims up and claiming in court that he witnessed transactions he didn't* while he was part of the VCIS (Violent Crimes Impact Section, now renamed the "Zone Enforcement Section") Perhaps the strangest part, Richburg apparently did it not for monetary gain but to impress higher-ups in the BPD. Claimed Richburg's lawyer Warren Brown,* "the majority of Richburg's contacts with the informant were about making low-level drug arrests, and that such arrests are a big part of the Police Department's enforcement strategy. 'The department will deny that they have quotas, but they do,' Brown said. 'They grab these guys with one bag of weed, and the quality of the arrest is never scrutinized.'"

It's been almost nine years* since the triple child murder at the Fallstaff apartments, and after all these years the motive has remained a mystery. Finally at the third trial, the mother of two of the decapitated children, Noemi Quezada, has testified to a possible motive: the fury of Guadalupe Hernandez over her husband Victor's romantic interests in her niece, Espejo Quezada, who lived with Noemi and her children with her son, Alexis,* who was also killed. Hernandez is in a Mexican prison for trying to have Victor killed in 2009.

Meet the K-Mart disturber, Clifton Duncan Jr. No word on what he did that was so disturbing.

Ian Baron: Honduran by birth, Jewish by adoption, anti-Semetic hate crime convict because alcohol?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

174= 18 y/o Tashawna Jones; 57 y/o Female Cab Driver Shot

"A 57-year-old female cabdriver was shot in the chest early Saturday,* in one of three separate shootings since Friday night, Baltimore police said....Police believe the driver, who is in serious condition, was robbed by two women and a man in the 3100 block of Swann Drive at 3:25 a.m. after she picked the suspects up at an unknown location."
You'll recall sedan driver Queren Thomas, 35, was murdered 9/26, Kentrell Brown, 18, was arrested for her murder. (I requested a copy of that indictment from Mark Cheshire next week, FYrI).

A pizza delivery driver was shot in Cherry Hillthe 26-year-old man was shot in the stomach at a house in the 2500 block of Terra Firma Road shortly after 2:15 p.m.

State Troopers with automatic tag readers descended on the Greenmount Avenue "Death Corridor." The Spectator reports boys in "Smokey the Bear" hats from La Plata, Cecil and Frederick counties displaced winos and drug dealers in short order and arrested at least one "habitual public drunk" - finally the state and federal help we've all been wondering when might arrive?

Last night's homicide victim frm 300 blk e 26th st [in Harwood] identified as Tashawna Jones. She turned 18 in July and was from W Balt
Like the police cant solve a case without witnesses, we cant write a good story about a victim without ppl willing to be interviewed
If you want to see more coverage of this case or others, pls, pls reach out and help us connect with relatives or other loved ones

Down in Pasadena, Martial-Artis fighter Matthew Morrow, 21, was shot to death at a house party.

SHOOTING ARREST - Dominic Johnson arrested for the non fatal shooting that occurred 3400 blk of Dudley Ave in NE Baltimore on Oct 7th.