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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Free shows

The Fenton Tweets "Confirmation hearing for  Commissioner Anthony Batts set for 10/17 at 5 p.m., City Hall..." also "man pulled from harbor last night identified as Gerald Sheeran, 63, who had boat docked at marina"

The man shot in Waverly was ID'd as David Ervin, 41

Adam Meister notes that on Tuesday October 9 Morgan State is hosting a debate on both Question 4 and Question 6. Speaking against question 6 will be one Margaret Gallagher, as in, the founder of NOM (the MD Marriage Alliance confirms it). BTW, interesting that unlike some anti-marriage-rights activists, she doesn't think being gay is a choice. Well, that's refreshing. In case you'll have to miss it, here are her talking pointsPs. Ooo "Maryland Juice" got & scanned the full press kit (complete with cards using gay pride parade photos, above) and official filings for "Jump the Broom for Marriage." They're co-treasured by Raymond Henson, some relative of Julius, and claim to have $2.5 million to spend between now and November 6, so expect to see more. 

Five years for Devin Jarmal Smith, aka Sean Jones, the alleged ringleader of an identity-theft conspiracy that stole identifying information from more than 35 seriously ill patients at UMMC and forged checks and took out credit cards in their names. Co-conspirators Wendy Hinton, William White and Kenneth McDowell have all already plead guilty.

Scary daytime front-door bust-in robberies in HoCo

Police say Patina Morehead of AAC tried to run over her husband w a pickup truck