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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teeny tiny violins

An "adult male" shot to death in Belair-Edison*, a woman shot May 10 has died.

This is not a repeat: a man and a boy were shot outside on the west side

Add to the murders, drug dealing, beatdowns, racketeering: the BGF is also not gay-friendly*

Somebody stole Ray Rice's guns*

Grab your ankles, taxpayers: the Exelon Corp got awarded $107 million of your money in a closed-door meeting* to build a fancy new HQ, but you, homeowner, get a 9%... oh no wait, 15% increase in your water bill and taxed on the very rain that falls on your property because the city and state are sooo broke.

It's that time of year again, when a young teenager's fancy turns to thoughts of fighting in a pack at the Harbor.*

Police Department Sergeant Dennis Workley found guilty of misconduct in office for supplying false information to get a warrant to raid a home in East Baltimore in which Christmas presents were smashed with a sledgehammer and only a "dime bag" of pot was found. A deal was reached that keeps Workley out of prison.

Unsmart metaphor dept: "Quadriplegic's wife to stand trial for killing him," "gun control activists have fired the first salvo in the battle over gun rights."