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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Driving while stupid

Fenton's story appears to corroborate witnesses' and Jayne Miller's version of the James Smith/Kendra Diggs barricade/murder situation: police rescued Diggs from the house, but left her to die on the sidewalk once Smith started shooting.*

One of Wednesday's homicide victims, Joseph Haskins, was the mayor's cousin.* Also TIL her brother Wendell Rawlings was attacked with a sword in 2002.

Allegedly speedballing alleged vehicular manslaughterer Johnny Johnson was indicted today on nine counts.

 Larry Feldman
?!? allegation: that when the State's Attorney's office wanted to speak with Larry Feldman's client Isiah Callaway about one Tavon Davis, Feldman called Davis and suggested Davis deal with him using the "Sicilian option." A few days later Callway was killed in a $2,000 murder for hire.

At first I read this headline as "Charles Street to be closed for 29 years"... which is probably true.

The Spectator is out of jail and Tweeting.

House Republicans locate nards, demand jail tour, O'Malley renews cry for cell-phone blocking in prison,* a topic first broached in 2007 after a prisoner used a cell phone to order a murder from prison. Really you don't need a cell phone for that, any old prison phone will do. But this state loves nothing more than a one-shot expensive solution.

Scan Baltimore picked up --and Fenton verified-- a ridiculous, breathless car chase in the Northeast over a stop sign not fully stopped at and a marijuana cigarette on Wednesday starting at 10:09 p.m. (About 60% through the clip here)

A woman groped and carjacked on E. Fayette.

Guilty pleas from two restroom pickpocket/identity thieves.

The Bloods still exist in HoCo, 18 were indicted yesterday

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cal Ripken's mom?!

Cal Ripken's mom Violet was kidnapped from her home at gunpoint, duct-taped, driven around for hours and later found safe.

Van Smith has more on the Brown Organization, a pot-dealing concern that stretched from Jamaica to California and across the country to Baltimore and included its own trucking companies, including one headquartered in Catonsville. The group reportedly grossed $1-2 million a month by selling weed at $1,000 a pound (such a deal!) and killing and/or dismembering anyone who got in the way.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

May 26 Continued

Shaun Clarance Warrick, 23, a former basketball player at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore accused of shooting and/or stabbing three fellow students at off-campus housing communities in April, is in even bigger trouble after skipping a court appearance Friday for assault and burglary.

Fifty-year-old Lucille Thorn got six years in prison for trying to meet a hit man at the Maryland House Rest Area on 95 to arrange the murder of her stepmother, Or as the ABC affiliate in PA would put it, "Greed can be a powerful drug, and it led 49-year-old Lucille Thorn down the abyss of a calculated cold-blooded plot."

Good news for your lungs, bad news for Constellation: "In a major shift, Gov. Martin O'Malley's environmental agency has decided to enforce air pollution rules at coal-fired power plants that were routinely ignored under past administrations."
(Anyone out there tried to go solar with BP or Chesapeake?)

Who knew?: In February and March the U.S. Marshals Service's operation FALCON initiative (a series of large-scale fugitive sweeps) in Baltimore netted 195 offenders for crimes ranging from murder and robbery to sex crimes and narcotics offenses.

Poignant, acid-ravaged toddler celebrates his second (or third?) birthday in the hospital.