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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Bold and the Stupidful

Sketchy rapist
.. this is the fat rapist in the Northeast with Jocelyn Wildenstein lips who has broken into (at least) two women's homes* and assaulted them (left). Is it too judgy of me, or is it okay to say that the sketches coming out of the police department in the past year or so have just not been very good?

Another DUI* for 98 Rock DJ Stephen "Stash" Smith.

"Federal fake-pot crackdown continues"

Damn nearly killed 'er!
Blargh, Janay Palmer, the woman who was cold-clocked by Ray Rice in an Atlantic City elevator, married him on Friday. In case you were wondering, NJ's marital-privilege law doesn't apply to domestic abuse and wouldn't apply to an incident that happened before they were married. And the incident was caught on video anyway. So I guess she did it for love. Or money. Or stupid. Barf. Gag.

Senator Jamie Raskin and Delegate Sandy Rosenburg have introduced measures to require a warrant for drone tracking but nobody's going for it.

Passage of trans-rights bill has reportedly riled the crazies. But the bathrooms! Won't someone please think of the bathrooms?! Come quickly Lord Jesus!!  /s

Larence Godfrey
Dayum, in AAC an inmate scaled razor wire.* He put a blanket over it, but still, that's pretty hardcore there Larence.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Concealed carry, y'all, whut whut?

The Washington Times says arguments will kick off tomorrow down in Richmond in the concealed-carry case, aka Wollard v.  Gallagher (in the meantime there are also a ton of other fascinating issues on the dockets, including the Merzbacher case* (The child rapist w/ the thief lawyer that Prevas sent to jail), UPS being sued by one Peggy Young, allegedly forced from her job for getting pregnant, and  transgender prisoner Ophelia De'Lonta suing for gender-appropriate accomodation. Doug Gansler will be arguing the less-guns position, BCounty resident Raymond Wollard will be rep'd by lawyers from the Second Amendment Foundation of Bellevue, WA. 
In the meantime the court of BCrime mostly supports no-cause concealed carry permits:

good idea
  98 (57%)
bad idea
  54 (31%)
I have no idea what you're talking about.
  18 (10%)

Votes so far: 170
Poll closed 

In the meantime I'll bet anyone on here a buck that the first person shot by a permitted concealed weapon in MD after this law passes will not be a criminal. Blog as my witness, send me your email and I will Paypal you $1 if the first recipient of a concealed-carried bullet is actually shot during the commission of a crime. But if it's a kid accidentally shooting their face off, road-rage BS, domestic murder/suicide or some doucheburger in the ER w/ their nards shot off you little gunslingers better pay up.

ps.  the MD suicide rate in 2010 was 48th in the country, at 8.7 per 100,000 ... wonder what it'll be a year after concealed-carry?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chrissy Lee Polis: I Want to See Other Things

McDonald's beating victim Chrissy Lee Polis has lost touch with the Trans Panthers and says she needs to get "a life," but sounds too flaky and impulsive* to make the most of the platform she's been given. And her sweet rescuer Vicky Thoms still looks over her shoulder whenever she goes out. Grow up, Chrissy! Stand for something! ... doesn't look like the Trans Panthers have done much either, though, but try to sell adorable purple berets.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Don't Miss

...NPR's story on the Bail Bonds industry. All kinds of interesting!
Thnx PP

Also interesting: NYT on transgender name-changes. I wonder at what point, according to MD law, does someone undergoing a sex change officially become the other gender?