Thursday, September 22, 2005

September 22

Godawful suspicious fire death on the 600 block of East 30th Street. Sixty-four year-old artist and painter Myron Terry Koenig was found in his living room.

kalexanderAn armed-and-dangerous bank robbery suspect, Kendall Alexander, 41, left, is on the loose.

An O'Malley interview by WBAL notes that in 2004 violent crime in Baltimore was up 4 percent. The term "inconsistency in leadership" comes up. As in, even the Democrats are saying there's doesn't seem to be much clue what the plan is, or whose job it is to establish priorities to go about making the plan. Are we fixing "broken windows"? Are we "targeting hot spots"? Wiretapping? Building bigger jails and kicking off some executions? Adding more drug treatment facilities? Anyone? Anyone?

The state is now taking charge of education at the state-run juvenile jail. No mention as to who was running it before.

There was a triple stabbing at 2:15 this morning on Water street.

A 27-year-old man was stabbed in East Baltimore.

We Know Who We're Working For: Poisions have been found on Lockheed Martin's property, which the company wants to turn into condos.

A couple of Democrats stole Michael Steele's credit report.

A snakehead in Potomac got 6 1/2 years for fraud.

Two arrests for attempted murder and a lot of stolen stuff in the blotter.

Instead of this week's murder ink, readers are advised to visit the March Homes Funeral Registry. Here's Christopher Richardson, 15, whose 15-year-old murderer was sentenced on Tuesday to life in prison.

Down in Anne Arundel County The Capital reports that some teens were charged with arson, a convenience store robber was caught, and two employees of an armored-car company stole $99,000 from three Wal-Marts. And a prisoner was stabbed at Jessup.

Pinocchio? Lamp-wick? Two 30-something Dundalk residents were pulled out of the water, drunk, after jumping off of a stolen boat near Pleasure Island.


Anonymous said...

A local artist, really a very nice fellow and a neighbor, was found Sunday inside his home in Waverly, which had been burned. The BCPD has deemed the circumstances suspicious, as he was found in a room away from the source of the blaze. If indeed, foul play was the genesis of his death, then we should all feel rather unsafe. He was quite mild-mannered and never had enemies. His immediate surroundings, however, are filled to the brim with recidivist criminals, for the corridor about Greenmount is home to one out of ten criminals in Baltimore City. We should probably feel very unsecure in our homes tonight, because if it could happen to him, it could more readily happen to us. One in three males between 18 and 55 on the streets in my area are convicts (active cases, technically)but police patrol officers are few and far between. There's no way for the Few, the Proud to supervise a veritable jailhouse army. We must significantly increase the number of patrol officers per shift, which can currently be counted on two hands per sector. That's a lot of territory for a couple of officers and a vast multitude of hoodlums to babysit. The consequence if we do not increase patrol officer to offender ratios to be comparable to the healthier cities, like NYC, is that more of us will be found, murdered in our own homes.

Anonymous said...

see the arson death on 600 block, East 30th Street