Friday, November 25, 2005

November 25

More about Jeryl Anthony Singleterry, the kidnapping victim who was murdered despite the fact that his ransom was paid.

Updates on the double homicide in West Baltimore and the shooting at the Glen Burnie restaurant supply company in the Metro Digest.

More on witness intimidation in the Sun: Baltimore County police have spent over a year looking for witness Ronald Patrick Johnson, Jr., but he can't be found.

Speaking of witness intimidation, John posted some interesting comments under yesterday's post.

A newly launched campaign to stop human trafficking in Montgomery County this week.

A bank robbery in White Marsh lurks amidst the theft and burglary in the Sun's Police Blotter

There must be something in our fine city that is more deserving of an In Depth Investigative Report than a dirty bathroom in a Wal-Mart...


Anonymous said...

Well, Charm City makes the national news on CNN. What for? Being so underpoliced that 20-foot tall streetlights are being walked off with. About Baltimore:

"They steal everything here in Baltimore," said Lynn Smith, manager at Modern Junk & Salvage Co. "Nothing's too kooky to me anymore."

Amen to that, sister.

taotechuck said...

Surely the $500,000 marketing firm that's coming up with a new slogan for our city could put a sexy spin on this?

"Baltimore: The place to be when the lights go down."

Or maybe we could go for that whole Anne Rice crowd that is homeless in the wake of Katrina:

"The city of darkness. Vampires welcome."