Monday, December 5, 2005

December 5

We the people executed Wesley Baker. He was pronounced dead at 9:18 p.m.

A couple shot and burned in West Baltimore November 18 are believed to be Michael E. Wright and Thomasine Evans.

Juanita Long, 46, was charged with stabbing Dumont Jones to death in White Marsh.

The murder trial of David Ellerby, 32, is scheduled for 9:30 tomorrow morning before Judge John Glynn. The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Ellerby August 24, 2004 for first-degree murder and handgun violations. Court documents allege that on September 10, 2002, Ellerby shot and killed Reginald Tyler, 27, in the 300 block of E. Lafayette Avenue.

Jury selection is supposed to start today in the case of the firebombing of Miss Edna's house.

Down in St. Michael's, six kids were charged with holding an underage drinking party that ended with a 15-year-old being sent to the hospital.

U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein will reorganize the Maryland office to clarify the chain of command and group prosecutors by focus.

Who's who on death row? A rundown of Maryland's Dead Men Sitting.

The Sun ran a correction re. their John Booth-El story from last week.

"As If" Dept: TV news reporter wants Ben Cardin's job. If he gets elected I am like so totally moving.


Anonymous said...

Your post:

"As If" Dept: TV news reporter wants Ben Cardin's job. If he gets elected I am like so totally moving.

My reply:
That's how important expertise and competence are in this burg. God forbid we'd actually have a Representative with skills. How about Derek Valcourt for Senate and Sade Baderinwa for Governor?

Anonymous said...

Celebrity politicians? Out with O'Malley, in with Mayor McCheese. As for the Police Commissioner... Hamm should be canned, kinda like Spam.

Maurice Bradbury said...

This has been driving me crazy... what was the name of Mayor McCheese's police chief? You know, always busting the fry guys and Hamburglar?

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Do you send it out daily via email by any chance? If so, please add me to your list.