Tuesday, December 6, 2005

December 6

Four murders over the weekend brough the city's toll to 254. Rashard Thomas, 19, Troy Marine, 30, Raphael Grady, 18, and an unnamed 43-year-old man are the latest victims.

Edna McAbier came out of hiding yesterday to testify in federal court about the firebombing of her home.

Twenty-two-year-old Aaron M. Brown got 15 years for killing his 20-year-old cousin Kevin Moulden last year after an argument about a ten-dollar debt.

The manslaughter conviction of Anthony Skidmore was upheld by the CSA. Baldwin's car struck and killed the driver of an oncoming car, Kelley Guckert, 20, of Jarrettsville, and Skidmore admitted to police he'd been nodding off at the wheel.

Anthony A. Garbutt, 22, got ten years for the June 17 robbery of five teenagers behind the York Road Plaza shopping center.

The trial of Matthew Craighead, 22, is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. tomorrow before Judge Shirley Watts. Court documents allege that on June 21, 2004 Craighead attempted to threaten a witness in a homicide investigation. The victim reported that Craighead assaulted and threatened her with a shotgun.

Motorcycles, a laptop, purses, cameras= stuff stolen in the Northern of late.

Ehrlich: deciding to play God and put a man down like a dog wasn't easy.

The death of a newborn found in a Dumpster in AA County has been deemed "suspicious."

The MoCo mom who filed a false kidnapping report on Nov. 27 has been charged with making a false statement to police.

In a case that could impact the Hoey defense, the Supreme Court has agreed to consider a case from Arizona involving the insanity plea.


Anonymous said...

Quick Math:

City jobs have a wage floor at $9.25 per hour by ordinance,

A life in Baltimore, even your own cousin's, is worth something less than $10 (or so it seems from the stabbing),

So a life here is worth less than an hour of your time? I had no idea we were such important people.

Baltimore Perceive.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Yeah, the $10 figure seems to come up a lot.

Anonymous said...

Murderers deserve to be "put down like dogs'. And you are casting plenty of stones on this here web sight though I doubt you are without sin.

taotechuck said...

$10 is the going price for a heroin fix in Baltimore.

Unknown said...

To anonymous... we may be with Sin but I would bet my pay that most if not all have never murdered and I myself have done my share of wrong but murderer's, unless to save their own life, deserve to die ..... painfully or at least suffer physical and mental abuse for a good life sentence until they can no longer enjoy life on any terms, just how the people they murdered can no longer enjoy their lives on any terms.