Saturday, January 14, 2006

January 14

Two men were fatally shot in East Baltimore near Aiken and Curtain.

Not to be Confused with Mr. Loverman:shabbaburkeshabbaranksDennis 'Shabba' Burke is back in West Virginia. He was wanted for a murder in Oak Hill WVa. for 11 years and was found in December by Baltimore Police during a Stop-and-Frisk.

Dexter Bert Tyson, 31, had the bad fortune to face federal drug charges for his fifth crack-related felony. He got life without parole. Last week, extremely lucky William Nicholson got just three years for making a living as a cocaine kingpin.

A University of Maryland basketball player, Travis Garrison, is charged with triple ass-grabbery and improper backhanding of a lady at the Cornerstone Grill in PG County.

Nauseating Child Abuse Dept
hughesPolice are seeking 21-year-old Minita "Mickey" Genneetta Hughes, left, accused of scalding a two-year-old boy and fracturing his skull at the Towson Ramada Inn.

Loren Williams, 45, will serve 15 years in prison for videotaping himself sexually abusing a boy in Ocean City.

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Unknown said...

Oh also today the Gamestop store on the 2400 block of N. Charles st was robbed by several black males. Money and cell phones were taken from employees and customers, as well as one's car keys, as they were all made to go into the back of the store.
How do i know this you ask? I happened to walk into the store , all the while the robbers had just run past me, but i thought nothing of it as people are always running out of stores, but then i went inside and stood there for 10 minutes waiting for help and no one ever came out until someone was genius enough to knock on the door to the back of the store, which is when they all came out and informed us they had been robbed.

And guess what... It happened in Charles

Not really funny but about time its not something bad in Remington