Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Election Day!

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Anonymous said...

Also, Libertarians do not participate in the primary election process, and select their candidates at the conventions, so they're out too.

Maurice Bradbury said...

yeah. Sorry to harsh your mellow, hippies!

Maurice Bradbury said...

So, predictions anyone? I think Schaefer will totally split the vote and win by 30-something percent for comptroller. Jessamy stays SA, of course. Don't know about the sitting judges. I personally left off Barry Williams in favor of Emmaunel whatsisname but I think most people will just vote from a flier and we'll keep who we have.

I think Cardin probably will take the senate it but it will be by a handful of votes. I hope, hope Mfume wins and then, in the debate, he asks Steele what the hell that "oreo cookie" thing was about.

I really hope Beilson wins but I think idiots will just vote the Sarbanes brand name. I think Sarbanes will take it by 47-49 percent with the rest split like 30-something Beilenson.

Anonymous said...

My predictions:

State's Attorney: Jessamy. Fogelman never stood a chance in this election. He's had one article of coverage in the sun, and very little other exposure in baltimore. Plus, we love our incumbents here.

House (3rd): Sarbanes (if only because a lot of old people will mix him up with his dad). The health voting groups will likely be split between the nurse, the doctor, and the attorney, but I think the other candidates have not had enough of a presence to make a powerful impact. I don't feel like this race was ever close

Senate: Cardin (Again, I don't think this was ever a very close election. But, Mfume's presence with such a lack of money really speaks to his campaigning ability.) The better question: Will the black vote be split as a result? My thought: no - because the color of steele's skin won't match with the color of Cardin's pin (Gotta love democratic blue)

Comptroller: Again, close. Schaefer wins because the "Get the old bum out of office" vote will be divided quite nicely

Attorney General: Gansler. This one breaks my heart (well, not really). I think Simms is more qualified as an attorney and government official. But, Gansler has a wealth of money, more commercial time, and is skilled at posing for the camera (on the level of O'Malley - Great, we get a couple of muggers for the next four years)

I think that if anything, this year has taught me that there really is no room for good politicians, and that they will generally be thwarted by opportunists. Which bodes well for the next big set of Baltimore elections...