Sunday, October 22, 2006

October 22

Remember that burned body found by the side of 83 last Christmas Eve?
It belonged to one Wesley Person of Steelton, PA. Now Lawrence Murrell Jr. has been charged with homicide, criminal conspiracy and abuse of a corpse.

Even with DNA evidence, the road to exoneration is cobbled and bumpy for cons.

A NW 18-year-old is at Shock Trauma after being shot in the upper body.

A 22-year-old man was shot in the leg
trying to flee a masked man.

A brawl at the Malibu Bar in the SE ended sending six drunk hicks to the hospital.

Da Vote!!
Diebold voting-machine source code has been stolen and leaked ... again! The FBI is investigating.

A whopping 59 percent of you say Ehrlich won the BAL debate!
(Good, that's what I thought too!)
Also, most of you spent the weekend getting fat! Super!


Anonymous said...

What a said commentary. The Sun wrote to great length to basically say that sure O'Malley didn't reach his goals and sure O'Malley had seven police Commissioners, and sure O'Malley's crime numbers may not be accurate but crime is down!!!

Well is it really worth the civil litigation the city will face for years, the impact on what was once one of the finest police deppartments in the country, the support of people. Are the lies, fabrications, lack of credibility, reclassifications and impact on the lives of our citizens worth it to anyone but Mr. O'Malley who planned to leave the moment he came.

Only the Sun could make failure look good. Only the Sun could excuse the lack of integrity and ethical behavior and make it sound like the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I read that unBELIEVEable article and frankly, I am surprized at the comments of Mary Pat Clarke. I assure you she will not get my vote next time.

If she intend to or is doing this because she has Mayoral ambitions, she should keep in mind that she will inherit his mess which will take years to correct.

Anonymous said...

2-3 cuttings last night in Central.

And a pseudo-riot at Gardel's at a post MSU Homecoming party.

Maurice Bradbury said...

You're talking about the one posted yeserday?

John Galt said...

The link can be found here.

Anonymous said...

"We have a couple troubled areas, but nothing like the blatant drug dealing that we had several years ago." (lol)
Mary Pat Clarke......
... isnt Hampden in her District??
What % of old timers (the blue collar type)retired men and women still living around that area with relatives
(Sons & Daughters)does one think are hooked on DRUGS?? These are the same ADDICTS sniffing the EASTSIDE in droves for product HON!!

Anonymous said...

As soon as time permits....I will
film and provide a link on YouTube
about the "blatant drug dealing" and
increase violence on the corner of
Jefferson & Kenwood thats on the east-
side as well HON!!

Maurice Bradbury said...

Speaking of Hampden, I ran into my former neighbor from the 3500 block of Elm Avenue at the Towson Target! She and her husband, both in their 60s, lived in Hampden for 60 years, and moved to Harford County to get away from the druggies and delinquents in August.

She said, "did you read the article in the Messenger a few weeks back? That was your house they were talking about!"

I said, "no way, that was your house!"
(really, it could have been like, one of five houses!)

For the record, everyone on the block was always nice to me. I never got my car messed with, the guy from 3508 took care of my yard ... no one ever threatened me!

The block was a great place to live except for the noise, fighting, rats and garbage and dog poo and pedophiles!

John Galt said...

That's not 'blatant drug dealing'. It's our indigenous cultural expression. The only thing our people are any good at. And our largest single industry:

If the daily cost of a heroin fix is about $100 at street retail, then since we have about 125,000 substance abusers in town, that's $12.5 million daily, or $4.6 billion annually.

Maryland's largest private employer, Johns Hopkins, employs about 35,000 persons. The median household income in Baltimore is about $30,000, so the drug business employs more than four times the number of employee-equivalents as Hopkins. Or perhaps it just pays them four times as well.

Either way, blatant drug dealing is the bedrock foundation of most of our communities here. And of most of our politicians, as well.

Congratulations, Mr. NO'Malley.

John Galt said...

Excepted from the aforementioned article:

"These people are part of the community, if you like it or not," [Police Officer] Gibson said. "Number one, they are not going away. Number two, they aren't going to change their behavior."

Residents should press city and state leaders for tougher drug laws if they really want to fight the problems, he said.

'Get In On It.'

Anonymous said...

"I fear evil is upon us and it will prevail"

That was the response when I asked my neighbor why he had decided to not only move out from Northern Baltimore City but the entire state to Pennsylvania. My quess is he thinks Mr. O'Malley will win.

Anonymous said...

"Ehrlich began by frowning while he was introduced, and he often gestured broadly with crooked fingers or clenched fists."

Boy Cybrarian, you must be drinking Galt's kool-ade to think Ehrlich won. Couldn't you read the body language? I thought I was watching Monte Burns on the Simpsons.

John Galt said...

Think substance. Yes, the hand-clenching was unimpressive, but O'Malley appears to have little other than a coached delivery to offer.

Whenever he's asked about his limited performance, he responds that he expects to call upon higher governments for assistance. And if they don't volunteer, then it's their fault.

His means of improving the City is to have the State provide more resources. His means of improving the State is to have the Feds provide more. So, he says George Bush is responsible for the crime in Baltimore. Hell, even I could come up with a strategy like that.

I'd like to run for town council. My campaign promise: to discover buried treasure somewhere. Whatta genius.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Oh, it was a body-debate! Why didn't you say so?
Ok, maybe I'm nuts, I'll watch it again just for you.

The winner is... Kai Jackson! He can nod and work his brows at the same time!
Yes, tenting fingers is unfortunate. But O'M's squinting and smirking struck me as more manipulative.

You should
Watch it again, listen to the words.
"I'm here to report some good news... there's far more that unites us than divides us. We are united in our belief in the dignity of the individual ... we are still the people Frederick Douglass loved."
... speaking of Frederick Douglass, a days later a kid was shot at Frederick Douglass High!

The after that O'Malley goes on the negative...
"belittle, run down the progress neighbors are making with their police ... belttling the capacity of our kids to achieve. Do me a favor and ask yourself, what is this doing to bring Maryland together? ... we can do better."

You brought it up, homeboy!! And since you brought it up, what are you doing in our city? (THEiR police?! Rilly!!)

Then we get into education.
We've got charter schools thanks to E.
[ps., under O'Malley, $48 million school money went missng]
Ehrlich gets in good points about how "we're about doing things and measuring ... you can't be afraid to quantify, you can't be afraid to measure." [BURN!!]

Then O'Malley talks about how we have three whole good public schools in the city, 60 percent of kids are passing. Don't remind me, okay?
Then it's "the Two Bob Ehrlichs" (Sideshow Mel?) and talking about "getting our children out of trailers."

[You know what, I have friends who are teachers ... they love the trailers! There's lots of room, no hall noise, air conditioning, lights that work ... anyway...
then he goes on about higher ed.
Ehrlich is a buddy of the president of Towson U, and Towson's done amazingly well over the last 5 years. I'm esp. fond of the China program! So tuition went up... it's still cheap as hell!]

The O'M gets negative again.
Ehrlich gets specific: Teacher bill passed, school construction.
The Ehrlich goes on the attack: Frederick Douglass! Ehrlich doesn't let that stupidty pass!

ok, this is getting too long, I'm going to put it in a post. Then I have to get back to work!

Anonymous said...

On Mary Pat:

Keep in mind that MPC is still sour grapes on the Schmoke years because be beat her for mayor in 1995. I used to like Mary Pat and I voted for her when she ran against Schmoke. Lately she has been a disappointment. I heard her on the radio making all kinds of excuses and lies covering for O'Malley. She was painting Ehrlich as George Bush and trying to blame Ehrlich for Bush's international screw-ups. Mary Pat Clarke was even defending O'Malley on education. The MPC of today is just a shell of what she once was. She's an old woman that will defend anything or anyone democrat to the death. I used to think she loved the city. Now, I know she just loves being a politician again. newsflash Mary Pat: your precious boy democrat O'Malley has screwed our precious city!