Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Smug Sexism Dept.

Nothing like stepping to the 'puter to find out your worst suspicions about the media have come true.
If, like me, you ever wondered idly, "what's more printable to the Sun, beauty gossip or, say, a powerful Democratic Delegate making serious accusations of abuse of power by a Democratic candidate for governor in an election month?" all of our nightmares have come true.
So Jill just exaggerated when she said the Sun erased her for criticizing the powers-that-be... she's not totally erased yet, they'll still put her in .... to be condescended to!
Where'd the rest of the post go?


Anonymous said...

To be fair, her first letter (as excerpted) was longer than the second and consisted of the vain crap. If you didn't want this blog to be about that, you should have simply not quoted that letter (or even mentioned her appearance in the first place, or maybe j.Carter should have been a bigger person and not defended her appearance).

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to me how petty and amateurish the Sun can be when someone, anyone, calls them out for being such a horrible excuse for a newspaper. Given the context of her reply, where Carter blasts the Sun, for, you know... sucking. No mention of that. No mention of the accusations against O’Malley. They focus on her bizarre beauty choices. “So why share so much personal info with a blogger?” Hello? Why share info with Laura Vozzella? Same dif.

John Galt said...

The nerve of you populists! The Sun will decide who does and doesn't represent the people. How impudent.

Maurice Bradbury said...

So bloggers shouldn't put info out there in case it gets exceprted?

"To be fair," this is a blog, and they are a newspaper, one that claims to bethe paper of record, no less, with a limited amount of space for information and several editorial layers to make decisions about layout and content.

The Sun ran that on 2B, with a three-inch-tall header, in front of a story about a high school student being shot and dying in front of his mother.

And speaking of 'shoulds,' I should not take time to respond to anonymouses and I'm not going to anymore... pick an identity or I'm going to delete your shit!

Anonymous said...

The reason the Sun didn’t write about Jill’s accusations is because she has no credibility and what she said is not new. She hates O’Malley, so she puts him down as much as possible. Example — the insinuation that he had something to do with the murder of her boyfriend…pimp…however you wanna characterize Robert Clay. She always says outrageous shit just to get in the paper and the papers get tired of it. If somebody who normally supports O’Malley, like Jim Craft, were to say that he sucks— that would actually be news.

John Galt said...

Well, now that you mention it, since Jim chairs Public Safety subcommittee, why doesn't he criticize the Mayor, given all the unlawful and counterproductive nonsense at the Police Department?


Anonymous said...

"So bloggers shouldn't put info out there in case it gets exceprted?"

Of course not, but they should simply accept that people will do whatever they want with the material-- including take it out of context and interpret it in ways the author and blogger may not like.

Also keep in mind that Vozzella is a lightweight gossip reporter. She hardly writes a paragraph more than three sentences long. There are some really good reports at the sun, but the columnists aren't in that group!

Maurice Bradbury said...

so why is she on the second page of the "Maryland" section, and not in, say, "Today" or "Op Ed"?

Anonymous said...


you sound just like the usually O'Malley LIARS. When did Jill Carter EVER say anything bad about O'Malley? Asking him to stop making
unnecessary arrests is a sign of hating him?? Let's see. She's a lawyer. She lives in the city. She's a state delegate. Voters love her. No credibility, huh?

Oh yeah, Jill is the product of the city's most respected civil rights leader.

Can you provide some kind of a link to where Jill Carter ever accused O'Malley of any involvement in Robert Clay's death? My money says no!

Pimp? You are really grabbing at straws. Can you provide any fact or any link for any of the scurrilous accusations you've just made against the delegate. She happens to be my delegate. And, as I've said before, WE love her in the 41st district.


Anonymous said...

Jim Kraft would never speak one syllable of truth against his puppetteer. One of the reasons O'Malley has lost support in the black community, aside from his neglect of education and racist arrest policy, is because he attacks black people who challenge him.

Robert Clay was no PIMP. That is OUTRAGEOUS, JUST OUTRAGEOUS. This man spent his life fighting for the underdog.
He has been named "Maryland's Founding Father of Minority Business Enterprise".

He is dead.

Anonymous said...

Read this, Anonymo'malley! What did the delegate say?

Anonymous said...

The mayor just said there were no more bad or false arrests than in past years. He said that if such a thing should ever happen, the citizend should report it to the Civilian Review Board. Wow? They migh get preety busy if the recent 11,000 or so file complaints, not to mention the past 25,000 to 30,000 last year.

The mayor also said that the "biggest problem we have with crime" is that Bob Ehrlich released 40 out of 100 murderers back onto the streets! This was just on WOLB radio.

To the other anonymous, James is right, you really shouldn't say untrue things about dead people and politicians just because the mayor doesn't like them.

John Galt said...

Oh, so now O'Malley portrays Ehrlich sitting on the Parole Board, and in all seats, too. Don't think so, NO'Malley.

As for Ehrlich's legislative initiative regarding parole restrictions, wasn't that blocked by the (ahem) Democratic delegation from Baltimore ??