Tuesday, January 2, 2007

January 2 Afternoon

A body was found behind an apartment complex near Leakin Park (2).

Two-thousand-seven rang in with the shooting death of 17-year-old Leon Nelson, who died about three hours after he was shot at the China Garden.

Op Ed du jour: "Where's the outrage over black-on-black killings?"
DeWayne Wickham, USA Today

"The number of blacks killed in 2005 [by a single black assailant] alone approaches the total of all the blacks lynched in this country from 1882 to 1968, according to records maintained by Tuskegee University."

Bédard's lawyer to Mounties: come get my client out of MD!

Can this relationship be saved? Stephen Mujerm, 40, of Lanham proposed to his woman, Victorine Taboh of Laurel. An hour later, he knocked her out with a steering-wheel lock and found himself in a PA jail.

What's old is new again dept: Is policing by private security firms the wave of the future?


burgersub said...

the sun just updated with an article saying that one of the people shot at china garden yesterday has died.

burgersub said...

wjz just posted this article saying that murders in anne arundel have "more than doubled" and gone up "over 60%" this year. that's funny, i thought that for a number to double it had to go up 100%. also, they are STILL saying that annapolis had 8 murders this year, even though one was a guy killed by the police. this after the sun already ran their own article about this story on the 28th wherein the final paragraph was "This year's homicide tally does not include the May 5 death of 34-year-old Roger Alan Trott, who was shot by an Annapolis police officer as the man was pointing a gun at a state trooper."

then they go on to say that AAC murders excluding the city of annapolis were at 18 for 2006. i just checked my list and found only 16, but i did find exactly two people killed by AAC police. wtf is wrong with everybody this year? is this the first year anybody in the media has ever tried to tally up murders or something?

burgersub said...

of course by "this year" i mean 2006. it's gonna take me a few weeks to get used to it being another year.